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Posted By:Classic27 on: 10/13/2006 4:38:10 AM

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unsatisfied client...
Posted: Friday, October 13, 2006 4:38:10 AM
yesterday my boss called in, and refered one of her clients to me later that evening. It was a simple job, just roots and a few foils. Well she complained, and was uneasy throughout. She kept saying how she liked the way my boss did things, "and when so and so does my hair, she does this!!" So after a little while, I politely said to her that she did not have to work with me, and the reason we all have clients is because we all have our own style of doing things. Turns out she did not like my work, even though it looked fine, and said she wants my boss to "redo" what I have done. I told her that was fine, and did not charge her for the service, although I am still so mad over the situation!! I called my boss at home, and she told me not to worry about it, and that she's just a "pain in the ass" anyway. Still, that was a good amount of money i ended up eating.

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Posted: Friday, October 13, 2006 5:10:38 AM

Dear Classic27-

Welcome to the BTC Talk Back Boards!  Please take a few moments to read over the board rules in the green box above.  Some clients will be like this.  She should of waited for you boss to be back in, if everything had to be just so.  Sounds as though she did not even give you a chance - as she was putting up a wall from the get go.  When something like this starts from the beginning, simply state that if you would like - we can stop right now after this service and you can reschedule with her.  Let the client know that while the end result may be very similar, that no 2 people do everything exactly the same procedure wise.  That is what makes us all unique.  If she decides to let you complete the service (of course this is a next time thing) ask for her respect from this moment on.  If not just reschedule her for the person she wants.  You may find that when she comes in for this re-do, all she needs is reassurance from the owner (boss) that everything is OK.  She sounds needy.  Keep your spirits up and look at this as a learning experience in communication skills.  A tough one I know.  Speak to your boss about what was wrong and how you feel.  I am sorry this happened to you.

Cindy Farr Hester  Asst Moderator