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Posted By:krysalis on: 10/16/2006 11:42:18 AM

Author: Thread: refocusing in the hair industry
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refocusing in the hair industry
Posted: Monday, October 16, 2006 11:42:18 AM
I've been a stylist for 19 years, about 3 years ago i decided i'd go back to college to go into a different field, well since then i've really struggle with my classes ,balancing raising a daughter on my own and trying to get the bills paid. Now i'm thinking, that going back to school was a big joke, since i've always struggle in high school with a learning disablility. I'm now considering quitting school and refocusing on my long time career. Looking back on why i went back to school was probably because i was having financial problems and needing something more stable for me and my daughter. Now i just got my self in a big hole with student loans. The hair industry is an awesome profession if your busy. since the last salon i worked for closed i had to relocate once more and basically start all over with building more clients. I feel like i'm just going in circles deciding on what to do with this industry.Some days i reallly love what i do when i'm booked with clients and other days when i'm slow i tend to worry on how i'm going to get my bills paid,those days when i'm slow i tend to get really anxious and leave work because i'm bored and feel like i need to be doing something instead of sitting waiting for clients to come in. Now i'm thinking of finding another salon and working partime there and working at my present salon.I'm an independent contractor at my present salon and can really make my own hours and days i work. but i'm not sure if another salon will like or hire me if I'm still at another location. i need some really good advice on my situation, Since now i'm considering of quitting school and refocusing on my long time career.

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Posted: Monday, November 20, 2006 9:28:54 PM

i went back to school too and it didn't work out and i started to refocus on my career as a stylist only i work for a chain salon and need the medical benefits. i also had to pay off a student loan. and was never a good student only in beauty school. Sound familiar? go back to what you knw best. and i'm telling you this because it think its something you already knw. this is not to say you should ever stop learning. but you have a gift obviously. use it and God will help you. Good luck and God Bless.