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Posted By:AMirage on: 11/7/2006 6:47:22 AM

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Advice needed.....
Posted: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 6:47:22 AM

In May of this year, I found myself torn between family who needed me due to someone we love being on hospice, and my job. I left my position due to family obligations, didn't return to my position due to some major management issues that did not look like they would be resolved. Thats for another post titled, Have you ever worked with an idiot!

After my family issues were dealt with I re-opened my studio to keep my clients maintained and happy until I figured out where I was going to settle.

A friend approached me with an apartment for rent, it was being renovated, and the opportunity to rent it was available. I thought about it, talked with family and friends and decided to go for it. The location is great.

Since the decision I was given 3 dates to move in. Sept. 15th, Oct. 6th, then Nov. 1st. I expected a delay with the first date. Found myself a bit annoyed with the second date. I am totally perturbed with the third deadline missed. There are no walls, floors, lights, or anything in the place yet. I requested a lease, which I never received.

The dates I was given prompted me to open a bank account and change my address. I set up a phone account so I could make business cards and brochures with the new number. I ordered all the back up color etc I would need to start up. I have business plans with numbers in motion, being filled, with growth potential, and what I can hope & expect to grow into, in time. I have employees waiting for employment.

This week, after deciding I am tired of working out of boxes, and waiting for this move. I arranged everything in my studio and I am going to expand it further into my home. I now feel I want to invest what I planned to invest into the shop into my home.

Our busy season is apon us, holidays are here. I have no spare time. Then winter sets in. In these mountains after 12 years I have learned Jan. & Feb. is the time to go away. People let their hair grow to keep their ears warm, and wear hats! They will cancel their appointments because in the dead of winter their hair is low on their priority list. There are the loyal few who truck out into snowstorms for a haircut, but not enough to depend on. Opening a business during that time of year does not seem wise to me. I see spring as a maybe.

My studio is licensed and insured and registered with the proper authorities. My dilemma is, do I tell this woman/friend to totally forget about this idea, since it's already causing our friendship heartache. Or do I not burn my bridge and let her continue to think we are getting into this venture.

There is more..... She is designing the place. My opinions are taken into consideration but.... she is putting a kitchenette in. I told her according to NYS law a working kitchen cannot be exposed to services in the salon, and it only allowed if it is separate from the rest of the salon. She said the stove won't be turned on. I said it's not needed at all. If I have to argue about state law, is this going to be more of a headache then it's worth?

There's more... I am known for my bridal party work. I want an atmosphere that caters to bridal parties, and I want to offer bridal parties something they will remember fondly. She wants to put in a massage room, I'm ok with that as long as the therapists carry their own insurance and business licenses, and it won't hurt my licenses, and insurance. She wants to open a private gym for her friends. This I have a problem with. When I mentioned noise, she said it will be insulated well. When I mentioned traffic through my salon she told me they will put in a separate door. Then I was told there will be no separate door so I said the 12 feet between the front door and the gym will have to be insured on top of my insurance by her. Last I heard the separate door is going in. Not there yet, mind you.

I don't know..... there is soo much more, I just think it's a good idea to scrap this project at this point.

What do you all think? And how do I tell her with the smallest amount of grief.


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Posted: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 4:03:10 PM

Dear Amirage-

Sounds like you have a lot on your plate.  If you are sure you do not want to do this lease with her, simply tell her you have changed your mind.  If all does not feel good with you, your inner voice is speaking and listen to it.  If you have not signed a lease, you are not under obligation.  However, ethically speaking, the sooner you handle this the more professional you are.  Much success to you.

Cindy Farr Hester  Asst Moderator

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Posted: Thursday, November 16, 2006 3:57:15 PM


Must say I am a bit dissapointed, but things happen for a reason some times. I'll deal with the cards I'm dealt and pray for an ACE.


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Posted: Friday, November 17, 2006 11:24:16 AM

Did open a salon in your house now? Or are you going with the renovated apartment/ Salon/ gym?


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Posted: Friday, November 17, 2006 1:55:57 PM

The studio in my home has been there for 10 years. Friends, family, and myself have used the room. I have worked with training my daughter in it, and kept my bathroom free of hair products and make-up, which I must say has kept it nice and clean. I always carry liability insurance to benefit myself in my freelance work with bridal party's.

I legalized the studio after leaving my job. I kept close friends, and family content, while I helped take care of my sick family members needs.

I have a large following, been here for 13 years. People call my mother if they can't find me. They have followed me to a few places over the years. They all encourage me to open my own place. Due to my family needing me, my time with my clients has been limited. I only took on select clients and they were all aware of what I was dealing with in my life. My other clients, and myself, have been ready to get back to work since September. My staff, and myself have been on hold since September. I can't wait any longer, my clients can't wait any longer, my employees, my marketing, my credit card payments can't wait any longer.

With all that said, I expanded my studio, cleaned it, painted it, am still renovating it a bit, and turning it into my own corner of the world. My clients love the fish tanks. I am actually taking some down to make more room.

I live in a split level house with 3 entrances. I have a separate entrance in the front. My living area is totally separated from the studio area. It is a comfortable situation but not enough room to expand for more stylists. It's not something I want to do permanently, but will do for now.

The renovated apartment is on the ground level of a large building with two other store fronts. this is a small town, it's a beautiful Victorian building with high traffic. I couldn't ask for a better location locally. It is surrounded by many other small businesses, restaurants, places where people gather for local charity events, riverfront views. It's a hot spot right now, building up.

I told her I could not commit to anything right now. I told her not to invest anything for the benefit of me being there. I do want to relocate come spring, just not sure how tangled up I want to get in the web she is weaving. She is making big promises to me, and just knows I will be there come spring.

So to answer your question I am in my home, for now, but not for long. I might take that hot spot come spring, I might stumble onto a better option. For now I am working and moving ahead with other area's of business that was put on hold waiting for the opening. My bridal work is known by some large caterings halls and private communities here. I have contacts who have seen my work on the brides in their establishments, and sang my praises. Time to get my brochures out..... on to the next step....