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Posted By:Sacbassman on: 12/3/2006 6:36:16 PM

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Services ?
Posted: Sunday, December 03, 2006 6:36:16 PM
I am a stylist that really don't like to do color.  I understand how to do it, I have many techniques that I know how to use, but I really kind of what to just cut.  How feasible is doing this, I don't want to lose clientele to those who do both, is there a real ability to just cut?

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I feel the same way...
Posted: Sunday, December 03, 2006 8:16:04 PM
That is what I have been thinking. I don't know how well it would go over in my salon, because I work in a small town, but I would say that if you worked somewhere that clients would pay for you just to cut hair and have someone else color, they would. I think that would be a great job for an assistant, they wash, I consult on color and coloring technique, assistant applies color and washes, I cut, blow and style, I love to cut, blow and style the client and I feel as though that is my forte'.


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sacbassman & kandy
Posted: Monday, December 04, 2006 4:47:06 AM

Dear sacbassman and kandy-

Welcome to the BTC Talk Back Boards!  Please take a few moments to read over the board rules in the green box above.  What you are talking about is possible in a departmentalized salon - you either specialize in cutting/styling or you color.  Do you have anything like this in your area?

Cindy Farr Hester  Asst Moderator

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Not Yet.
Posted: Monday, December 04, 2006 7:21:30 AM
The salon that I am in is all independent contractor and everyone does color and cuts.  However, I was ponering just doing cuts and having my clients go to another stylist for color.  I realize that it might cause scheduling conflicts since the salon is all independent contractor.  I have been debating whether to open a salon like this in my area.  Sacramento is a city that is growing and I think is ready for a concept like this.

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would luvv to just cut!!!
Posted: Tuesday, December 05, 2006 9:34:21 AM

i would luvv to do just cutting. its my favorite thing to do. unfortunately i work in a chain salon where they do color and waxxing and they make us do everything weather we like it or not. in NJ i haven't heard of any salons that departmentalize but then again i haven't heard of any salons that pay their stylists a salary either.



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Posted: Wednesday, December 06, 2006 7:04:02 AM

If you are an independent contractor, then have you considered hiring a colorist /assistant to work under you? 

That would be a great way to start a team, for yourself it would give training experience - you have the knowledge to train someone if you know your color lines.

I prefer not to do any chemicals, and believe we are better stylists specializing rather than having to "do it all" just for income!  I ONLY cut and style...

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Posted: Wednesday, December 06, 2006 11:22:53 AM
I logged on to this to get helpful tips, techniques!  So why doesnt someone do that considering thats what this site is for, sorry to sound rude, but to me I got into hair because I loved all that came with it and I know that everyone isn't like that but some times you have to do some things that you dont want to do, to do other things that you love to do, until your dream job comes your way. so on that note how about some helpful tips!!!!

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I think there
Posted: Wednesday, December 06, 2006 2:59:05 PM

are multiple uses for this forum and that is talk out what each one of us as individuals feel about certain topics.  I believe there have been multiple threads related to what you call "helpful tips."  May I suggest that unless you have something worth contributing that you stay out of the conversation.


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Posted: Wednesday, December 06, 2006 5:48:19 PM

When I began 20 years ago, I planned to be a colorist. I have a talent though with styling and cutting. A knack for it. So I cut and color. I love color, anything to do with color, gardening, decorating my fish tanks, make-up, splicing a 16 year olds head roxy red on top of blonde creating a candy cane effect, multidimensional highlighting, chunking, splicing, and to achieve the most natural shades of brown is a thrill to me.

This is your career, your dream, if you want to cut only, go for it. Many specialize in this industry. I find if you specialize you master what it is you specialize in, opposed to having scattered knowledge.

My sinuses are shot from the color lines of the past. I know I did damage. Some day I might not be able to apply color anymore and am hoping to train an assistant to do what I do to keep the clients happy and share my techniques. I do plan to look into the assistant program mentioned here, I will need it in the very near future. I have finally found a color line to work with that doesn't attack and offend my sinuses. Redken. Love it! I'll get a few more years out of my sinuses because I found Redken lol.

Anyway........ Good luck with whatever you decide. I hope you find what it is your looking for. Remember this is your ride,  you are in the drivers seat, and you know where you want to go.


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Posted: Thursday, December 07, 2006 5:20:35 AM

Dear csteele-

Welcome to the BTC Talk Back Boards!  Please take a few moments to read over the board rules in the green box above.  If you are looking for specific information that you have not seen yet on the boards, you can always start a new thread. 

Cindy Farr Hester   Asst Moderator

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Posted: Thursday, December 07, 2006 6:22:03 PM

If you are focused on cutting only, make sure you step up your game. Even if you are an accomplished stylist with years of experience, take a course with toni and guy or Vidal Sasson and hone your skill.

Book a 45 minute session with each client and expalin to them you will spend the full time cutting and detailing the hair.

Coloring can work with the other stylists but at the same time don't push any specific stylist, but rather several of them. Encourage color before and/or after the cut (i.e, single process, cut, foiling in that order) so that there is rarely scheduling conflicts.

There is a girl I work with and she is very successful and has a great clientele, but you should be charging (she charges $100 a cut) so that you don't have to do 20 cuts a day.

If you keep the quality and price the same, you will attract a clientele by word of mouth even if the other styliss charge less for cuts.

Part of this is understanding that there is a large audience of people that REALLY WANT the "ultimate" cut, so they WILL GO to someone who only cuts because they know you will be more into it!