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Posted By:texascolor on: 12/9/2006 4:14:20 PM

Author: Thread: Wish I had said no!!
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Wish I had said no!!
Posted: Saturday, December 09, 2006 4:14:21 PM
Ever had the new client come in & your instincts told you to not let her sit in your chair?   You knew she was going to be a complete nightmare but you did her hair anyway? Happened to me this week.  I've been a colorist for 13 years and have never met anyone like this client.  She came in with a level 5 one inch of new growth, the rest of her horse mane was a do it yourself hair color light blonde.  Well you know what that looked like.  Brassy underlying pigment screaming al over the place.  She wanted her hair to look like jessica simpsons (brought picture of course) and hated her  own "red" hair.  Her hair was so thick that I couldn't get enough foils in her hair to save my life.  Longer story short I think she just wanted a free ride.  I gave her an estimate up front, told her I didn't accept credit cards, then she wants to pull the credit card out and I told her there was an ATM next door.  I felt like she was going to skip.  I just had one of those bad feeling vibes from the get go about her.  My salon is a booth rental salon and if anyone comes in and asks for a good colorist they direct them my way.  This lady not only wanted to "speak to the manager", she wanted to picket our storefront.  Lied on the phone with her husband about where she was.  I told her I didn't even want her money and she could just leave.  Please tell me this has happened to you before.  My boss totally supported me and said he would do whatever my wishes were.  She winded up writing a bad review about me which was totally untrue and I've never wanted to smack someone in all my life.  Well got that one off my chest.  Thanks

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Posted: Saturday, December 09, 2006 5:41:32 PM
Yep, the nightmare has visited us all at one time or another. You now have that experience behind you and I'm sure you'll never get taken again. There really are some insane people out there looking to take advantage.

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Now your a stylist
Posted: Sunday, December 10, 2006 5:34:10 AM
Yep these people are real winners...most just have nothing better to do than be a problem to others, they are called the energy suckers ! Unfortunatly she will not be your only...sorry, but now you know what to look for and I have learned to say I won't do it , Im sure somewhere else will and you can get ahold of me to see if I can fix it when they are done . It usually gets my point across that it shouldn't be done or that it will take time to get the result they want. You are Now a true hairstylist, kinda like cutting yourself during a hct. for the first time, now it's done.   

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Posted: Sunday, December 10, 2006 6:51:29 PM

Dear texascolor-

Welcome to the BTC Talk Back Boards!  Please take a few moments to read over the board rules in the green box above.  I think these gut feeling we have are real - but every once in a while we are just reminded that sometimes we have to say no.  I think it happens like every 6 months.  Please do not let your self-confidence go down the drain to this odd experience.  Remember you can not fix the inside only the outside appearance with their hair.  Keep your chin up and keep doing great color and know from your clientele that you have many satisfied clients. :)

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Sounds familiar.
Posted: Friday, April 04, 2008 12:48:33 PM

I've had a similar situation.. although it was a Mother/Daughter duo. To think what kind of ethics she's teaching her teenager!

For some reason she'd come back to me once or twice a year. Obiviously she and her daughter had colour done elsewhere.. but would come back to me. Hmm sounds like those other salons finally stopped booking her? Then when I let it be known that I wouldn't be doing her anymore, the poor stylist next to me got her. It took a while for the owners to get some backbone and stop the whole thing. Apparently our Aveda Distributor is aware of this woman. She scammed every Aveda salon in the Triad area.