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Posted By:pokepres on: 1/2/2007 8:35:55 PM

Author: Thread: The NIGHTMARE before Christmas
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The NIGHTMARE before Christmas
Posted: Tuesday, January 02, 2007 8:35:55 PM
So on Dec 23rd I was leaving work about to start my 3 day vacation from work when I'm stopped in the parking lot by a lady who seemed desperate and needed her hair done. She had 2 daughters and she asked me if I could go back inside and do all 3 of them. I figured it would be a nice big ticket so I said yes and when we got inside she had wanted a ton of color work done for them and it was a half hour till we closed. I made a deal with her to come in on Christmas eve just to do her hair, I figured she wanted her hair done for the holiday. So, being nice...I came in just for them. THIS WOMAN WAS BORN IN HELL. She made me cut her smallest daughters hair 3 times. She kept using a comb and combing her hair and showing me 1/2 inch section where she couldn't see any layers and making me cut it. I did her older daughters ENTIRE color/cut/blowdry and she says to me "let's add a foil right in the front." AFTER I WAS 100% finished with her. I luckily talked her out of it. Then it was her turn. She told me to do WHATEVER I wanted to her hair. I wasn't abou tto go willy nilly and hack away and color her orange...so I told her my opinion of what I wanted to do for her. She agreed with me and chose a some colors. I did her hair and hwen she looked in the mirror she says "Oh I love it, but it will be too bright for my husband." I'm already wanting to shoot myself because I want to go home...I find out that she is a Jehovahs Witness and DOESN'T CELEBRAT CHRISTMAS and was COMPLETELY unsympathetic to the fact that it was a holiday for myself and I was there just for her. So I took her to the shampoo bowl and tossed on a demi to darken what I had done. I cut and blowdried her...and she says..."Oh my god the color os so beautiful I love it." Then she looks at the foils i did at her crown and goes..."I don't like the color going to the back of my head. Put some color in tin foil and let me take it home with me." SHE ACUALLY ASKED ME TO LET HER TAKE HOME PROFESSIONAL COLOR. I told her there was no way I was going to be allowed to let her go with that. During all this she is asking my boss if I can have a glass of wine with her and if her 14 year old daughter could have a glass. I ended up sponging on the pure pigment of a demi on her foils in the back and making her leave with the color on her head so I could go home. When she was checking out she even tried to get a discount because she said she "referred her daughter" but the receptionist told her "no, your daughter came in with you." By the end of the hellish experience I had a splitting migraine. She was charged for every bit of service she had done and her ticket was somewhere around $460. Before she leaves she tells me "we are very loyal clients." OH HAPPY DAY. I hope Cricket and Possum never rebook with me EVER AGAIN...yes, their names were Cricket....and Possum. Merry Christmas LOL

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Posted: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 12:38:05 AM
OMG, you poor thing! There's a reason people like that are always walk ins -- nobody wants to keep them as clients!

What on earth would possess someone to name their children Cricket and Possum?!?

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Posted: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 7:21:23 AM
Oh yeah, know that feeling, being used up by a 'loyal' client whos hair you personaly never done before. I used to be nice, and got taken adventage of in the past, had to put my foot down & learn not to go for the bait. It's a horroble story and gives me the flash backs.
I hope that the rest of your holidays were good.

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Posted: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 1:19:31 PM


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Posted: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 8:04:01 PM
I love it!  And you laughed all the way to the bank.  Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!