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Posted By:Cosmogal_7 on: 2/9/2007 11:22:08 AM

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What do you do now?
Posted: Friday, February 09, 2007 11:22:08 AM

Okay today I had this client, a young woman. She had dyed her hair at home and wanted to be a platinum blonde. She brought in the box from home and she was unhappy with her results. So I st her down and had a consult with her. I thought the best way to go was to do highlights. Well she said that she would not be happy with it that she just knows. Well I said okay than if you really want the platinum all over I can do that. Well, I did and it came out just like the box. It was actually very pretty but when you are not used to it it can kinda look weird on  you. I explained all of this beforehand mind you. Well she calls me after she leaves from her cell phone wanting to know if I can put it to her natural color. First of all I don't even know what that is!! She had colored it twice already before (something she tells me after I did her hair, I knew once not twice).There is no root to speak of before or after. I explained that I can tone it but that is all I will do. After going blonde like that you can't just throw color over it. And first of all it is exactly like she wanted but now knows its not a good color for her. Not my fault. I will tone it but I hate to do that because I fear that she will say its too dark now. She thought it was too DARK when it was still WET! Goodness can't this girl make up her mind. OH and when she called me she said that she had pictures in her purse that she didn't show me. AND before I even started it she looked at pictures in my book that she liked that had almost white hair! UGH whenever this happens I feel like I am at fault but I know I did what she asked. I feel like I should give her check back to her and call it a day. But man I used a ton of product on her hair too! I just hate to do people blonde because it always takes a few times to get a good blonde look or a couple of weeks to make it really come into its own. What would you say or do if you were me? I have been doing this 15 yrs and I am telling you the whole truth. It looked good. Thanks for reading anyway.


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Posted: Friday, February 09, 2007 12:47:57 PM
Dear Cosmogal_7

This client is @........!
I think you went far & beyond already with her, & she have taken plenty advantage of you already....

Do not give her money back- you have earned it!
As for changing her hair back to her 'natural'-I would give her a price for corrective color going darker (fill & tone) and if she is willing to pay -I would take it! But do make sure she brings a picture of what her hair supposed to look like. Also I would tell her that it won't be looking 100% natural, because her natural color was gone when she have colored it her self to begin with.
If then she doesn't like her hair, I would nicely suggest to her "to see somebody else in the area who might fulfill her needs, because you can't" .

Don't fall for people like her again- she wants to be platinum today a.s.a.p....... she didn't deserve it!

I would like to have triple D's, be a blonde with blue eyes & lots of money......but it ant gonna happen.

Good luck .

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Posted: Friday, February 09, 2007 4:08:07 PM

You are going to have days when you feel like you want to crawl into a hole because of something like this.  I think they are to remind us that we have the ability to say no.  We do not have to accept each and every client that comes our way.  With the best intentions, and the best consultation - if you feel like you have a client in your chair that is not confident in herself - you will never make her happy.  You can not take a person that is not happy with herself inside and make it all better on the outside.  When you find yourself in a situation like this in the future - think about whether or not you want this person as a long time client and if you want your name all over that.  Chin up, keep on going, and know that you are good at what you do :)

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Posted: Friday, February 09, 2007 5:18:25 PM

I redid it after I posted this. I just toned her hair to a much nicer golden natural blonde. I actually like it better myself and she actually apoligized to me and said it was totally her fault and thought that is what she wanted but when she looked at herself in this platinum blonde it just wasnt her. She brought the box again with her and asked me to throw it away. She showed me the pictures that she told me she had and forgot to show me. It was so different then the box. Anyway, I made her happy and she is now happy. She said she could even go darker but I told her to wait before making any decisions about that. I would hate it if she didn't like it dark and then I would have to go lighter. NO way would I want to do that.  I don't know if she would have hair left if I did. Lucky for her she still has gorgeous hair. Anyway, she left with a smile and her friends that were with her loved it.



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Posted: Friday, February 09, 2007 5:37:50 PM
I am glad that it ended good.
She still sound like a nut, but you were able to handle her well. Next time she will probably take her time picking out right pictures.
Good for you :ΓΈ)