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Posted By:Red Raven on: 3/14/2007 1:32:09 PM

Author: Thread: I'm at a loss for what to say, think or do here..
Red Raven
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Before I do anything, any suggestions?
Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 1:32:09 PM

I am so scattered, I can't ever start the thread right! Ok..I have to vent and I hope someone can give me some feedback. I am a booth renter in a salon that only rents booths. So we are all self employed. The owner of the salon is also a stylist. We all share the jobs(phone, towels etc) and when a new client calls in, whoever is open at that time can do them. We have never had arguments or anything about that. OK.. Last Thursday, the salon owner asked if I wanted to talk to this NEW client who HAD to have her roots foiled the next day. Long story short, she came in, I did a partial foil on her roots(the noticable areas), and I also threw in some lo-lites(she asked for them). The next day, she called and said that the lo-lites were too dark, and what could she do. I reminded her of what we had talked about before hand, porus hair grabbing the dark, and how porus hair tends to fade faster. She said yes, but she wished she would not of had the dark put in because she had something special that night. We talked, made her an appointment for tomorrow morning(Thursday) and I did not think another thing about it. UNTIL today. The owner of the salon said she had a phone call from a girl that I colored her hair last week. The girl was so upset, said she went to 2/3 different salons and got quotes of $200 to $300 to "fix" her hair. Once again, long story short, the salon owner told me that SHE is doing her hair at her OTHER salon(45 minutes away) this coming Monday. 1> Ok.. Personally, I think the salon owner should of explained that we are all independent, and that she should talk with me. Heck, if she was that upset, I would of come up there this weekend. 2>  And two... the foiler wrote me a check, should I rush to that bank and cash it, or hope I can cash it? 3>  I feel like I should call the foiler and talk with her. But has it gone too far with the salon owner for me to do this?

All I really know is that I need some very good strong advice before I do anything. (Except cash that check) Any advice????

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Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 5:37:41 PM

I don't booth rent, and I don't know a lot about it, but from what I understand, you are each your own business. I think the owner should have made the client aware of that, first off.  And then if the client decided to have someone else fix it that's up to her ( its like going to another salon right?) But  I do think the owner should have made that clear to the client.

In booth rental shops, are there signs that let the clients know this or what? Curious....


Red Raven
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Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 9:00:28 PM

I have never seen a "sign". But generally, most of the clients know this. Especially when you tell them to make the check out to you.

The more I think about this, the more I get upset. Do I want to work in a salon that the owner basically has no respect for me? She was so belittling to me when she spoke to me,. I am trying to find the right "words" to speak with her about this.

I agree...clients can go anywhere and to whom ever they want.

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It was handled wrong by the owner, but it isn't the end of the world, I promise
Posted: Thursday, March 15, 2007 7:29:39 AM

The owner should have explained that you are the one that will be rectifying the situation.  The client should be coming back to you, and that she (the boss) will be there.  If and only if the client and you can't agree then she would be stepping in, the client does not need to know that part.  I would not like the way it was handled had it been me either.  Go to your owner and explain as you have here.  Even the disrespecting part, get it off your chest, allowing it to fester is not the answer.  When you do talk with the owner, try to leave the emotions out.  This is business, your business and you have a right to stand up for that.

Secondly, it is up to you about the check, if you feel you did what you both agreed upon, I don't see the problem.  Has she called you to tell you not to?  I would go to her bank and cash it as if it has been cancelled your bank will charge you a returned/bounced check fee.  I have only had this happen once, not all of what you went through.  I didn't get a call for 2 days then, the client wanted to speak to the owner.  The owner said what I expressed earlier, he would be there when she came in.  WHen she came in at first, she tried to make it all me and that she really did not want what had been done.  The owner explained that I had been with him for years and this was the first time, he had ever been involved with a client coming back.  I expressed that I was asked to do the low lights, which is where she agreed.  When at first she acted as though it was all me.  Having the owner stand up for you says something.  Having them disrespect you, it says something too, you are not where you need to be.  If after meeting with the owner, you are still being disrepected, and it is an ongoing thing, prepare to leave.  This may take awhile as I do not know your situation.  Or you may be able to stay and get all things in order to go.  Leaving abruptly is never a good thing, try not to do this.  Good luck and set yourself to be emotionless as you are discussing business.  Emotion is not good in conversations of business.

Good Luck in all you do, and may you achieve all you desire......

This is based on my experiences and beliefs, if it offends anyone I am sorry.  This is what makes this country and this site so great.

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Posted: Thursday, March 15, 2007 5:46:30 PM
This is an situation where both the salon owner and the renter are at fault. To cover his own behind, the salon owner should have signs posted on the door, the counter and all the stations, that inform all clients, that all stylists working in the salon are independent stylists. The sign should also state exactly what that means, as many people do not know or understand how this works and it is your responsibility to tell them. The sign should state very clearly, that the salon does not train or supervise the independent stylist and does not guarantee or take responsibility for any products used or any services performed by any of the stylists. Many rental salons actually require that all clients sign a statement, that they clearly understand the salon is not responsible. Although there have been cases in which the salon has been held liable for damages done by renters, even though the IRS rules state that a salon cannot direct how services are performed. A catch 22 for owners.

But, it is also the responsibility of the renter to inform the client how the salon operates. A new client should be told that you are an independent stylist, that you do not work for the salon and that if they have any problems with their service to contact you and not the salon, as they have no responsibility.

I own a rental salon and over the years have taken many calls like this one. I take great pride in standing behind any of my stylists, if they are in the right. I will normally listen to what the client has to say and then tell them to come into the salon, where myself, the stylist and the client can set down together to address the problem.

I have signs posted in the salon, but I still expect the stylists to inform their clients of the way we operate. But, as any salon owner knows, its your name on the door and ultimately, it is the owners responsibility to see that the clients are happy.

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rental re-do's
Posted: Friday, March 16, 2007 7:13:31 AM

I have worked rental for 3 years now.  The salon I work at we all specialize in haircolor.  We have built a reputation for our knowledge and skills in Memphis.  The salon has a direct line - where a salon coordinator will answer any questions and she books for one stylist and the owner.  It is then her job to explain that she will be happy to give her a couple of names and phone #'s to call direct, as we are indepedent contractors.  Our web site lists the salon # and all our direct lines.

You can check it out at www.divacolourstudio.com

Since I have been there, I have not had a situation like this.  However, I can assure you that we all have a common goal which is to be the best that we can be - and if a call came in like this - the salon coordinator would refer the client back to me.  If after talking to the client, I could not regain enough confidence to have her come back in to me - I would offer her a couple options - #1 Meet with me and the owner to go over a possible miscommunication or if the client was unreasonable - I would simply refund her money.  I would not go round and round with a client like this as I know I would never, ever put out work that unacceptable.  As you know, there are some people that you can not make happy.

Recently the owner went out of town and one of his clients called in and said that she felt on side of her hair was slighly longer than the other.  As I had been left in charge of some things and client satisfaction is one of them.  The salon coordinator explained that since he was out of town - she would call me to the phone.  I spoke with her and I told her no big deal just come on in at X time and I would be happy to adjust it.  She wanted to know how much it would cost - and I said nothing.  We just want you to be happy.  I fixed her minor error in the cut - and she was happy - but she said she felt bad I was not getting paid.  I said oh please don't worry one bit about that - because if the situation was reversed he would do the same very thing for me.  Last time he was out of town, I had to pop a few highlights in one of his clients hair - she did not feel bright enough.  No big deal.  When he gets back I do not even tell him about this because it is a non issue.  This is about working together and our reputation.

If another colorist had a question for me about color - we discuss it as professionals.  It is not one for all in my enviroment.  We support each other.

I feel like the owner in this situation should have been given your phone # and that you should of had the chance to resolve this issue on your own.  If you could not resolve it - then simply refund the money.  At that point she can go to the owner or another salon.  This is just my opinion.  I am sorry you are dealing with this.

Cindy Farr Hester  Asst Moderator

Red Raven
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It gets worse
Posted: Thursday, March 22, 2007 9:43:29 PM
Thanks for all of the input you guys have given me. But now it gets worse. The client has cancealed the check she wrote me.. what shoud I do?

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Posted: Friday, March 23, 2007 1:44:36 AM
You could file a police report for theft of services, but really, the best thing you could do is chalk this up as a lesson learned and move on. It would be a very good idea to have a salon meeting and reach a consensus of how these situations should be handled in the future.

Red Raven
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client cancealed the check
Posted: Friday, March 23, 2007 5:26:44 AM
Ok.. so now what? I appreciate everyone's comments. I guess I wanted to see if what I felt was right. And it is. But now..the client has cancealed the check she made out to me. I feel robbed in a way. A big way. Am I right? And what would you guys do now? I still have not spoken with the owner of the salon, I do not want to put myself out of a job immediatly, but I also have no desire to let this go with out haveing my say.

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Posted: Friday, March 23, 2007 5:56:32 AM

Dear RedRaven-

Did this client ever come in and see the owner?  I think it is time to sit down and see what was done to satisfy her.  And also talk to her about what the policy is to make sure all clients of the salon are satisfied with their services.  Tell her that in the future, you would like a chance to talk with a client that is unhappy with your services as you are your own little business within a business.  And that your reputation demands it and you want to be treated with respect.  Ask her how this client payed for the services if they were redone by someone else.  I would be upset if someone else had done the service and suggest that she stop payment on the check.  I just wish you would of had a chance to talk to this client yourself, and if she chose to go elsewhere - even to someone else at your salon - you simply could of offered her a refund and told her you were sorry you could not of pleased her.  Make sure you talk to the salon owner instead of letting this fester inside you.

As far as the cancelled check goes, I would not pursue it personally.  If she was unhappy, the best thing to do is just cut your losses and try and learn from the experience.  Ask yourself some questions so this may not happen again - like how was my consultation - because most time when someone is unhappy - there was a little something we could of done more of there.  And try not to beat yourself up about this, because we have all had an unhappy client from time to time.  Think of all the happy clients you do have and move on.

Let us know how the talk with your owner goes.

Cindy Farr Hester  Asst Moderator

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Posted: Friday, March 23, 2007 8:47:21 AM

Yes.. after all the stress of this situation one thing was learned... stressing about it didn't fix it. One of the hardest things I think I ever had to accept, still have trouble accepting, is accepting the things you cannot change. It's humbling.

We have all dealt with this in one form or another, if not in the same exact way as your dealing with it. Time will heal. It's done.

I do agree talking with the owner and asking what came to light is the next step.

If you can better yourself out of this, you gain from it. Let the hurt go, & the insulted feelings. Life goes on.

Remember this. We all remember those singular traumatizing events in our lives because they leave a mark. We forget the mass amount of good things because they don't leave a mark.

Simple things like no traffic on your way to work and smooth sailing is forgotten, the one day last year when you were stuck in traffic for 3 hours you'll be talking about for years!

I wish you peace with this, and I hope you stress over it no more. You have shown concearn, you have searched for solutions. You did what you could. Pat yourself on the back for being a trooper. Next dilemma!


Red Raven
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Well..As the world turns..lol
Posted: Tuesday, March 27, 2007 6:07:53 PM

Guess what everone? I talked to the owner today.... The client NEVER SHOWED UP at her other salon. Nada..No call, nothing. So... I am guessing this was her "scam" to get her hair done. She got exactly what she asked for, the she showed her tush, cancealed my check, and is on her merry little way.

Just for the heck of it, tomorrow mornign I am going into my back and going to see what if anything I can do anout this check. Services rendered, she should have to pay.

I am still shocked that she did not even call, not to mention show for the other appointment.

What would you guys do?

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Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 12:53:30 PM
Now this is a whole new ballgame. This is where the owner should take control. I would first contact your county attorney's office and find out what your laws are regarding cancelled checks and theft of services. In most states, cancelling a check is a crime, the same as writing a bad check. I would then write this person a letter, with a bill for the service you performed and a bill for the appointment she missed with you and the one she missed with the owner, including charges for the check. I would simply state that if payment was not recieved in full, you will take whatever legal action is necessary, THEN DO IT, whatever it takes. You are right, this type of person needs to be taught a lesson. I am a salon owner and a firm believer in making the client happy, but this is where the owner need to take control.