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Posted By:nish on: 4/2/2007 6:33:54 AM

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Mens Barber Cuts
Posted: Monday, April 02, 2007 6:33:54 AM

Hello! I am a stylist. I offer both womens and mens cuts, colors, ect. but I really enjoy mens cuts. Its a good way to make extra $ btw color services. I feel pretty confident w/ my mens cuts. However I have a friend who goes to a barber but asked if I could start cutting his hair. He has thick Hispanic hair. Lets be honest there is a difference btw a barbers fade and a hairdresseres fade. There are things that they teach in barber school that they don't at beauty school. Is it the clipper that gives such a flawless cut or is there a special technique or is it both? Does anyone know of any dvd how to's? Thanks

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There are several ways, but the most important in NO LINES
Posted: Monday, April 02, 2007 9:06:37 AM

The hair should blend, with no lines, no lines.... You can achieve this by a couple means, 1) clipper over comb, 2) blade adjustments, the little arm on the side, finishing out with clipper over comb.  I for one, clip, then blend, doing  clipper over comb as this was how I was taught.  There are some tapes out there, I had a couple years ago, so I know they are out there.  Good luck, remember practice makes perfect...


This is based on my experiences and beliefs, if it offends anyone I am sorry.  This is what makes this country and this site so great.

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Posted: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 1:37:55 PM
I belive in the clipper over comb technique, sometimes you even have to free hand the clipper to get it just right. It is worth the few extra minutes to get it right. I never use gaurds, but sometimes use detachable blades of different sizes.

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Posted: Thursday, March 25, 2010 9:24:04 PM
im my expiercnce in using clippers with tight fades,and oster with the metal changeable blades work very well..expensive yes,but so worth the investment.