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Posted By:Mandy1180 on: 4/9/2007 4:33:18 PM

Author: Thread: I feel like a loser, to put it mildly
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A feel like a loser, to put it mildly
Posted: Monday, April 09, 2007 4:33:18 PM
I am new to the business. Been in a salon for about 3 months. I have spent countless hours and money on extended education, which I feel has paid off, but I still feel like I suck! I am still very slow when it comes to hightlights because I haven't found "my" way of doing it. Nothing quite feels comfortable paper or foils? Weave or slice? It is very frustrating. And to make matters worse I have a hard time with my color line (schwarzkoph). Sometimes it is beautiful and sometimes it's not quite the right shade. I have given up completely on the highlifts because they always come out "warm" evn on levels 7-10. I know that practice makes perfect, but I am feeling like I am never going to get any better. I have given up a lot to do what I love and have put a lot into it. I am usually very positive. To make matters worse, I work with a girl who has the same amount of experience as me who is a know-it-all. She has done poor work and people never call and complain or ask to have it fixed. I have had 3 people in the last 3 months call. They are nice about it but it makes me feel insecure and embarrassed. I apologize for feeling so sorry for myself, but I am sad by this. Any advice would be greaty appreciated. Will it ever get easier? I try really hard

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Cheer up
Posted: Monday, April 09, 2007 6:40:15 PM
Hey, your time will come. I've been licensed 9 months now, and about 2 months ago, my skills CLICKED. I was questioning my every movement and then all of a sudden i found myself having a conversation with a client, on auto-cut not even realizing i was giving her an amazing haircut because i was talking to her. From then on out even haircuts I had NO CLUE how to start, I was doing...When I had finally relaxed and became comfortable with where I was working, everything fell nicely into place. I just recently changed salons and am having a hard time with the color...Highlifts from my experience are always on the warm side, even the ash...i acaully find that most highlifts lift to the exact same color, no matter what the toning pigment is, but they are beautiful as a 2nd highlights, alternating bleach and a highlift can look very pretty! My secret with highlights is this...If they want it to look like weave, take very very thin slices with foil, you can get right up to the root with rarely any bleeding...i've only used the papers 1 time because i had a girl who would not lift with the foils, i think he hair had a strange reaction with the aluminum...i found the paper very hard to work with. You are new and you need to remember just that. Don't be afraid to talk to your client! Be professional but if you think a color doesn't look right, come right out and say it! "To be honest, your color looks a bit gold to me, but it could just be our lighting here, come outside with my mirror and let's take a look" "yes, i still see a BIT of gold in it, i suggest you live with it for a few days and if it doesnt fade out with washing come on back and i'll fix it for you." that way there is no shock factor when they get home, they've been warned by YOU and i find that most of the time they will either take you up on your offer, and its not akward because you told them in the first place, or they will just wait it out, appreciate your honesty and just have you fix it on their next visit! if you ever need any advice, ive been thru alot of trainings about what to say to clients and how to make both of us happy and things are going very well for me. feel free to IM me, my aim is prestonplanet or xxhairstylistx...

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Posted: Monday, April 09, 2007 7:56:52 PM
Pokepres,Thank you very much. Sometimes I feel like the only person that has these issues. I often forget I am new. I feel I need to know everything now! I will definitely get in touch with you if I have any more questions. Thank you again. You made me feel so much better!