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Posted By:HAIRGIRLEE on: 4/30/2007 10:23:42 AM

Author: Thread: Recent temporary salon departure...depressed!!
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Recent temporary salon departure...depressed!!
Posted: Monday, April 30, 2007 10:23:42 AM

I have done hair for 10 years... really since high school. I love this passion, people and creatively embracing field! I feel soo blessed. Last summer, we took a huge move to the other coast. i had no problems realizing that it will take time to find the right shop, area, clients... but it was Very hard!

I took the first few months getting my kids settled and reading up on the saolns.... And first noticed I was getting very depressed. After  a Long search, I ma blessed to find the right shop. Of course not with it's own challenges... yet, stilll I am very depressed!! It has begun to eat at my selfesteem, my confidence. I deas I have never before had a problem trying, in order to bring in new clients, I know have a hard time attempting. I also think that since I am new to the salon, I am under the microscope of analyzing, and even more because I am sensitive wether they really are or not. Has anyone else gone through this??/ and can anyone recommend some thoughts? I know that working has helped take the degree of depression away, but it has also brought along many other challenges that I can't seem to shake off..... I am too bubbly of a person to be this sad!!

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Posted: Monday, April 30, 2007 1:27:38 PM

Hi, again ...

It is best to not make multiple posts, on the same topic ... you will get better responses:


We're here for you ... keep your chin up!