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Posted By:jral1012 on: 5/28/2007 8:46:30 AM

Author: Thread: working for a maneger that is not a hairdresser
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working for a maneger that is not a hairdresser
Posted: Monday, May 28, 2007 8:46:30 AM
I started working in the salon for 6 months, i was very happy i love the owner, he is a great hairdresser, and very laidback boss, but the person that he had for a manager, is terrible, first he is not a hairdresser, he is a morgate broker, his idea for bussines is awfull, nobody is happy with the way he is runing the salon , this some example: we are Ic, and we get 60% commision(great), but we get all crazy charges, like for color service we pay $5, and when the clients come to the front desk, he charge an extra $5 for the service, so he gets $10., retail is another history,.  We have meeting all the time, but nothing that we disccuss in metting gets done.  I really like the people the I work with, like my boss, but I hate my manager.  I'would hate to move again, it does'nt look good with my clients.  what should i do?, I'm very frustrating, I'm in the bussines for 15 years, i love what i do, is my passion, i'm here I'm working for this idiot, who think, we work for an office, please help me!!!!!!! 

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Posted: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 9:46:40 PM
First of all, It needs to be brought to the owner's attention that the client is being charged incorrectly for his own personal gain. Tell them it is becoming difficult to retain clients because of this. Also, I HAVE heard of salons charging for the use of products, can't say specifically color but, if this is happening...I couldn't imagine that this is only the managers doing, I have to feel that this $5 charge for doing color is something the owner approves of, this mortgage broker can't just begin his own way of doing things unless the owner is happy with it.

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Posted: Friday, June 01, 2007 4:07:11 AM
what do you mean when clients come to the front desk there is another $5 charge. Does he charge the client or does he take that out of your 60%?

You praise the 60% but hate the extra charges. 60% its a ridiculously high percentage, and I dont think its even possible to run a profitable salon paying those kind of wadges with out charging extra fees.

Just think of it as actually making a lower percentage. On a $70 service making 60% commission and taking the extra $10 out of your share, works out to about a 45% commission. Which is about right In my opinion, give or take. Its all a matter of perspective.

Its unreasonable to expect to get paid 60% commissions straight up. The owner wouldnt be able to make any money.

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horrible co-workers..
Posted: Friday, June 01, 2007 7:24:07 PM
everone in my salon hates me.. for an exception of maybe 2 people... i have only been there 4 weeks.. im not trying to be rude but they arent that great... i think they figured i was going to be on there level right..well about 2weeks ago a girl came in and cut off 15 inches of hair and i did tha victoria beckham a-line bob on her and totally freaked it out.. well they all saw and ever since then no lie...they hat me.. they dont speak to me they lie on me and tell on me like children..its just getting rediculous.. but they dont realize that they are maing me stronger, all it does it make me work harder that what ever have.. my numbers are higer than they ever been.. for the first time in my life it feel great to be hated.

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Posted: Saturday, June 02, 2007 4:48:51 AM

Fees don't work, ask your boss for a clearcut commission and explain that you will increase sales if he does. here's what to do

Take the last three paychecks and figure out what the true percentage is-

Total sales Divide by .6= Commission
Subtract fees from commission = pay before taxes (PBT)

To find your actual commission rate after fees, the formula would be-

PBT Multiply by 100 Divide by Sales Total

A lot of stylists are shocked to discover they are only being paid 30-35% actual commission when they formulate it this way.

DO NOT count your taxes in this formulation, AT ALL! I have had many stylists say that they're only taking a third of their sales home after taxes, this is a GOOD thing! LOL It's better to pay a little too much and take some back on your return than OWE!

A straight commission is actually a GOOD thing because there's no room for any creative math, now, or in the future.

If I were you, I would average the last three paychecks and have a solid number to show your boss, and tell him you want the straight commission rate, NOT charges.

My boss DOES take out money every so often to cover backbar ONLY if it was excessive that month, we all feel the pinch if there have been too many redos or waste. It's not every paycheck though.

You are in the worst position because as an independent, you really should be able to write off almost all these charges (except for the $5.00 desk one) on an itemized deduction, but you CAN"T because you need the invoices to do so. So, your boss gets BOTH the fee from you AND the deductions!