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Posted By:AliG on: 6/25/2007 3:53:16 PM

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Posted: Monday, June 25, 2007 3:53:16 PM
I'm wondering how many redo's stylists get. From 1st year on the floor up......Is it normal? Is it ok?  Lately I've been feeling down because of the high number of re-do's I'm getting.  I feel like it's almost every day that someone is complaining and wanting something tweaked.  Is it possible my skills are getting worse as time goes on?  Help!

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Not enough info
Posted: Monday, June 25, 2007 5:27:41 PM
You did not give enough info to give a great answer but here goes. Have you not had any redo's and now you have? I would ask a trusted co worker who knows the situation what they think. In the beginning you will make some mistakes. If you need help then ask your boss or a co worker. I would watch and learn from others around you. Be a sponge and soak up information. That being said there are times when you just get several redos in a week. I call it a fluke. Sometimes people change there mind after the service. Sometimes they are not truthful about what is on there hair before a chemical service. Sometimes they can not be pleased. This is a hard business. This is my 21st year doing hair. I have had paople call and say that they have used everyone in town and that they can't be pleased. (I take them at their word). If you need help with your skills then ask your sales rep for education. How long have you been doing hair? Don't give up. Good Luck 

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Posted: Monday, June 25, 2007 7:59:06 PM
I've had my license a year at the end of July.

I do an average of 4-6 people a day and have done 2 redo's with 0 refunds. This is if you only count people who asked for a redo when I was under the assumption they were happy. I, myself, offer a redo before someone leaves sometimes if I feel their color maybe turned out too dark/light or little tweaks I feel may need to be done with length, especially on bangs because once you cut it off, it's gone, so I'de rather cut it again then have them never come back because I made them look like a doll! I find that this makes the client much more comfortable to acually come back rather than complain and cause an uproar. Even counting those clients, I've had maybe...4 redo's?

#1 - client told me she was a summer camp counseller and that she wanted fun chunky highlights before camp started, when she got home she decided she did not like the way the chunky color looked when she pulled her hair into a ponytail. I was not there th eday she came back but her hair was fixed but after talking with the manager about my consultation with her, no money was taken from me because we deturmined I gave her what she originally wanted.

#2 - virgin hair came in and wanted to be light all over, partial highlight and new base color. Her hair reacted funny to everything. the highlights BARELY lifted and her base color was very orangey so before she left I told her...."I think it's a little orangey but it may be the lighting in here, give it a day or two and if you feel it's too orangey come back and I'll fix it for you." So did come back...the next day and said it WAS too orange, I told her "you know what, that's better anyway because I want to do your highlights over anyway because I can't see them and I want to fix them." she agreed and we fixed it.

#3 - Client was a 14 year old girl and her mom left the salon while I cut her hair...The girl told me just to take off the dead ends and apparently the mom waas expecting like 6 inches off, I told her if it was too long to come on back and I'll cut more. She came back and had me cut much more off the bottom.

#5 - STRANGE SITUATION, Client had 90% gray and wanted roots touched up (I normally do a level 6 on her) I generally would mix a 506N+6RB+20vol. but this time I decided to leave out the RB and ONLY do 506N+20vol. WITHOUT THE RED when I wased it out, her regrowth was BRIGHT RED. I don't know what happened but we tried toning it 3 times, after the 3rd time her scalp was becoming irritated so I told her to come back after letting her scalp rest and we would fix it. So, she came back a few days later and I fixed it for her.

those are all the redo's I've had. The only one I left out was an indian girl who apparently had ALOT of bleach in her hair and then went over it with a box color of black, told me she only had her hair done at salons and when I highlighted it, all the highlights broke off and that's when she confessed to using box color and telling me the last time it was highlights it was highlighted way too much. After the manager spoke with her they determined that she should get some treatments done, but there was never any redo done to her or any money returned. I'm very honest with my clients so if I feel they may need to come back I always want them to feel comfortable. But, in reguards to your question...I would prob only count 2 of those situations as acual redo's. (The one with the summer camp highlights, and the one with the bright roots freak roots) Hope this helped.

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Posted: Wednesday, June 27, 2007 5:51:37 AM

I had a day once awhile ago where EVERY color came back, it was because I assumed 9n Shades EQ was just like 9N Goldwell colorance, boy was I wrong! I also think that someone left the cap open on the developer and it was flat, so after 2 shampoos the color fell out...

Redos are part of our industry. There are no "standards" for how many is too many. If you handle hundreds of people a week, you may get one or two. If you are a brand new stylist doing walk-ins and people unfamiliar with you, you may get more than that. There are also scammers that know how to work the system if your salon doesn't pay attention. You have to keep impeccable notes about recurring returns and open communication with the manager.

The salon I work at has a fashion reputation, so when I was new, it was expected you know how to copy looks from magazines; Jennifer A's highlights, Britney's color, etc. The problem with this is that most magazine work is extensions and weaves, so they never look the same in different photos.

It is important to touch on specifics in a consultation. Repeat everything you are going to do right back to them. If it is a drastic change, I find a way to make them say it back to me three times without pushing them to do so- You find a way to ask the same question differently three times.

Watch the body language, if the arms are crossed, she's looking down at the floor, this is a woman unsure of what she wants and you really shouldn't do anything too crazy to her hair.

If it's complicated, break it down into components, and offer to do only one this visit. Like if she wants to cut 9 inches off her bangs, shag out her hair, and color it bright red, offer to do only the bangs, and suggest she do the color another time, especially if she says things like "What do you think of this, what do you think of that?" She is FIELDING OPINIONS, not actually deciding, and this can be dangerous if she's all over the place during the consultation like a kid in a candy store.

You will have to answer to a manager if she hates the look if you have done everything all in one visit, and clients have a sneaky way of denying EVERYTHING and turning on you EVEN IF you have done the right thing. Beware the client that says she only gets her hair cut every year, or starts touching her hair before you have finished srying it!

Finally, always work within a predictable system. If you aren't sure of a color result, DON'T DO IT. Instead, rely on regular customers to formulate experimental colors on, sometimes I will lowlight the nape just to see what the color does, then use that same formula on someone else once I am sure it will perform the way I want it to. Avoid strong reds at the scalp because you can always tome more red into it if it's not red enough! Never expect a high lift color to give you Gwen Stefani blonde either, even on a level 7-8 because there will always be gold and high lift uses drabbing that can make whitened hair ash. Learn how to use mild bleach instead.

If you do chunky highlights and don't want them to look streaky at the root, apply light toner all over, then tone the root 2 shades darker using the same tonal family as the ends, apply 1 inch all over the scalp like a retouch.

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Posted: Friday, June 29, 2007 8:28:47 AM
great info russ, thanks!

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Posted: Monday, July 02, 2007 10:54:06 PM

thanks so much great info


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Posted: Thursday, April 03, 2008 11:04:05 PM
I've had a few....and it's usually just ppl who don't know what they want or they got what they asked for but realized OH YEAH that doesn't look good. BUT I have one coming up, I did her hair a MONTH AGO and she decides NOW that she has a problem with it...and she booked last week and DIDN'T show up!!!! So now I have to wait for her again and probably fix it for FREE! A MONTH LATER!! With regrowth!! UGH what is wrong with ppl? If someone screwed up MY hair i'd be there the next day!!! GAWD!!!!