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Posted By:chelseamsu on: 6/30/2007 12:15:40 PM

Author: Thread: cancellation via email? AGH!
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cancellation via email? AGH!
Posted: Saturday, June 30, 2007 12:15:40 PM

I was all set to do two 20'somthings for a wedding at 10 this morning. I was waiting for them to call for directions and they never did. i thought of them as a no-show, and wasn't very happy about it until i checked my email. She wrote me an email cancelling!! when did people start doing this?? i feel totally taken advantage of since these were acquantances (sp?) from high school. and it was from that morning, not even a 24 hour notice. they never did call. they claimed that when the bride found out they were getting their hair done at a different place for her she got mad so they had to go with her. please! i'm just starting my own salon and i know that they wouldn't get away with that from a more established place.  then she said we need to make beach plans for the next week. right, i'm going to call her right back

anyone have some ideas for me to handle this in the future? i'm not in the habit of giving out my email to clients but she was a kinda-friend to begin with.

thanks for listening to me vent!

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Posted: Monday, July 02, 2007 7:59:47 PM

this kind of situation hurts on a few levels huh? Did you open the email cancellation "door" by communicating with them via email in regards to any part of your doing thier hair? That would be the only "excusable" explanation for cancelling this way...one of our policies for any wedding hair is a 50% deposit is required at the time of the booking. If they cancel six weeks or closer to the date, the deposit is non refundable. We have never had anyone complain or question this policy...good luck.

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Posted: Tuesday, July 03, 2007 5:12:06 AM
that's a good idea for a cancellation policy. i didn't talk to her at all concerning the hair by email, it was all by phone, but she was a 'friend' that i talked to on myspace.  thanks for the ideas!!

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Posted: Wednesday, July 04, 2007 4:35:18 PM

You need to set up a simple contract that isn't too restrictive but does cover some sort of a fee and conditions for cancellation. Part of this contract hinges on a deposit so that the bride doesn't go somewhere else last minute.

Generally speaking, you as a hairdresser shouldn't be the one doing this because often these are clients and you are in an uncomfortable position if something goes wrong. Instead, have a manager/ personal agent assigned to this duty and refer ALL traffic through ONLY the manager so that there are NO misunderstandings or missed cues. If you work for yourself, explain that your "assistant/agent" (can be your friend or another stylist) handle it so that if you need to press them about a matter, they don't take it personally with you. This comes across as much more professional and less likely to have someone cancel- you're the artist, not the agent.

We had a woman book a wedding party (no bride) book half a dozen hour long updos on a Saturday with NO return phone numbers "I'll call you right back". She later called back months later and spoke to someone else, who didn't record the information. It was assumed she wasn't serious and all the appoinments were taken off the book- Booking almost $1000 worth of services with no phone number? On a SATURDAY?

Sure enough, they all showed up and we had no room for them because the empty appts filled right up. While the client considered herself too important to actually leave a number, she didn't follow protocol and in turn another receptionist didn't catch a simple mistake by putting a contact number in when she finally did call back.

Email is an UNACCEPTABLE communication, I think it was the cowardly way out, but you're partly to blame for not calling to confirm the night before. I was all geared up to use text messaging to confirm appointments until a client started sending me phone text messages on my day off, texting me to say she was running late, and just generally not realizing she was NOT FOLLOWING protocol.

Spell it out or beware! Cover all your bases.

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Posted: Thursday, July 05, 2007 4:12:02 AM
russnyc  your suggestion of a bridal or package contract is an awesome idea!! I wonder do you also have any brilliant ideas for a simple client no show policy? summer seems to be awful for no shows and oops I forgot's. we'd like to implement a policy but also don't want to instill fear that we are not understanding of the ONCE in a lifetime emergency.
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No Show Policy
Posted: Sunday, July 08, 2007 7:53:46 AM

Our policy for no show is under the heading of Cancellations and Tardiness that is in our service menu. It spells out that we do require a notification of cancelling scheduled appointments, as we can schedule someone else in that slot and it this policy protects the livelihood of our service providers. And we have voice mail 24/7 for just that.

The key statement in the policy is this, we understand that emergencies do happen, however any clients who abuse this  policy will be subject to a non-cancellation fee of one half the services scheduled.

This allows us the flexibility to not apply the fee if it is a client who did indeed have an emergency.

When we put this in place, we sent a letter explaining the policy to all clients. They had no problem with it.

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Posted: Sunday, July 08, 2007 10:17:24 AM


great info, i'm also planning on using a statement in the service menu but have been able to come up with wording I like. Could you email me or let me know what the wording you use on your menu and in the letter? It'd really be much appreciated!