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Posted By:mandadonovan on: 7/6/2007 8:08:19 PM

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The worst hair week ever...
Posted: Friday, July 06, 2007 8:08:19 PM
So depressing!  I don't even know where to start...  Last week had to be the worst hair week ever for me.  I have just moved to a new state- and of course, new salon.  I have been doing hair for about 5 years, and all the while continuing education and keeping up on the styles.  My passion is color, and I had been using Redken for the most part for the past 5 years.  The new salon I am in is a Loreal concept salon.  It is absolutely a beautiful salon, and the other 3 stylists are great.  I didn't think it would be this hard at all.  I came in with an eager attitude, I knew I would have to learn the new color line, but since I know the color wheel, theory... I figured it would only be a little while to get used to everything.  But I was wrong...  I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed, uninspired, and untalented for the past couple weeks.  I suppose it all came to a head last week.  First, I had a girl come in for a stacked bob, (which I have done about 500 of in the past two months, a very popular style where I just moved)  and for some reason, I just could not get it right.  Finally, it was okay, not good, not great, but okay.  I thought, but it kept bothering me even as I was checking her out.  Well, she came back about 30 minutes later and had the owner fix it for her.  Very embarrassing, the owner never said anything to me, and I didn't even have the opportunity to fix it- probably a good thing, seeing as how I just couldn't get "it".  Then, I had a lady call back that I had done highlights on the day before saying she had too much dark still showing.  This lady had 6 months regrowth and platinium highlights the day before.  Come to find out- she pretty much wanted all over color.  (That one I didn't feel like it was incompetence on my part... although after the week I had it just added).  Finally, Saturday afternoon a lady comes in who's sister usually does her hair, but her sister had just moved away.  She has no idea what her sister uses, but she does highlights and color in between she says.  This lady has 1 inch regrowth hair that is a level 4 and looks like she gets allover level 9a.  She insists that it is highlights and color though- so I use a decolorizer doing heavy highlights- not wanting to repeat the mistake of the other lady again and a highlift blonde in between.  Her hair is too brassy after processing, so I try to tone it using a demi- P10, after it sits for about one minute I see that it is taking to the highlighted area and her highlights are purple.  I then have to soap cap her.... Finally, all is well I think.  She says she has never had her hair look like this, but she loves it.  A few days later there is a message on our machine for the manager- GEEEEEEEEEEZ.  Long story straight-  I finally have the talk with the owner and basically I am a loser.  She said she had to refund the last client all her money and it is coming out of my check.  We talk a little about the last weeks situations and basically I am hanging onto my job by a string.  She said too many people complained in a short time.  I know that this is bad, for her and me.  The salon has only been open 2 months and I know that a bad reputation is the last thing she needs.  But then she hits me with the big one-  she says she has been meaning to talk to me for a while about my performance.  That I don't have a grasp on the basics.  Like I said- that one hit me like a ton of bricks.  I don't want to sound bigheaded or egotistical, but I have never had anyone say that to me.  In fact, I am the one most people had come to to solve problems, to help them...  I love doing hair- but now I am almost scared to do anything.  I have had a few clients that have loved their hair, one even mentioned me in a review of the salon she wrote online.  I have had referrals and people book their next appointment with me.  In my heart I know I am good at what I do, but my heart and mind are in totally different places right now.  I am planning to go to some more classes in the area soon, as I feel maybe this will give me the upper I need.  Anyways, maybe I am done venting for now.