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Posted By:hairfitness101 on: 7/11/2007 9:22:59 PM

Author: Thread: Demo question for job interview
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Demo question for job interview
Posted: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 9:23:00 PM
Hi all. Quick question. I'm interviewing for a position tomorrow. If I am recommended, I will have to interview with the area supervisor and do some demo's for her. These are a perm wrap, a fade, and a long layer cut. Does anyone know if this is referring to a 180 degree cut? I know that there are many ways to layer long hair or hair in general, but this is the simplest and quickest. I am re-entering the hair biz after quite a break so I'm anxious to dive in with both feet. Part of me wants to wow with the cut, and the other part of me says, do the 180 degree if she doesn't ask for something specific, just not to take any chances. Any tips or thoughts on this? Thanks.

Posts: 7

Since my post
Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 7:17:21 PM

Ok, dissapointingly, know one replied to my question and I went to the demo/interview with the intention of doing the 180 degree. It didnt go so hot at first, so she gave me some instructions and I proceeded to do it again. It was much better and she had me do a total of 4 layer cuts to make sure before we went onto the fade. The fade and the perm wrap went fine. No problems.

But I wanted to update this post for anyone who may encounter this, to give them a headsup on just what is expecte. In this case, I was expected to do a point cutting technique using stable, not moving guides (which is where I screwed up) . Had I trusted my instincts, I would have been much better off. Anyway, you seperate the front from the back of the head behind the ears.

Then you start in the crown and make your guide depending on how short you want that layer to be. Then cut (like a pie) that crown area using 90 degree angles. Then start at the bottom and take it up to the desired length. Then you will cut your layers using the 90 degree angles and work your way to meeting the crown and the base. Then you will work into the top box area, incorporating the crown and the top box, moving towards the forehead. Once you've completed that, you will layer your sides using the 90 degree angles, but making sure to exaggerate the area above the ear of you'll get a hole. And if you do, you can chip the ends slightly to blend it but hopefully you wont need to do this. Then you will want to check your work thorougly because if you don't, theyll be sure to find something you've missed.

Over all, its an easy cut. I just wish someone had told me first so I didn't have to look like I didn't know what the heck I was doing. I was slightly off with the 180 and ended up missing a panel and it was too long compared to the other side which was fine. Fixable but still embarrasing. Maybe my post will help someone in the same spot as I was.