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Posted By:peta on: 9/22/2007 7:22:24 PM

Author: Thread: can anything else go wrong?
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can anything else go wrong?
Posted: Saturday, September 22, 2007 7:22:24 PM
i had a super bad day today. i had a good costumer walk out. i was in the back and when the receptionist told me that my first appt was there i grabbed a mint and put some lipgloss on. then as i was walking out to my chair another hairdresser tells me that my costumer walked out and left of couse my boss was there to see it all. She got upset and told me to look at the time. so i told her it is only 9:03 and her appt was at 9. three minutes!! i felt awful because ive known this costumer for four years. one of my coworkers said that she was acting weird. so i tried to call her to see what was wrong but got no answer. and my boss made me feel so bad by making coments to the other girls of how unprofessinal that was. i can admit that sometimes i run late when i have someone with alot of hair or when we are in the back. i have never left my costumers waiting for a long time. what advice can you give me?

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Posted: Sunday, September 23, 2007 9:14:48 AM

Don't fret yet. There may be underlying reasons to why she walked out. If it was  9:03 and you don't have a history of running late with her then maybe it's not you that triggered the event.

What did the receptionist say to her? A snotty receptionist is a major turn off. And it was her responsibility to find out what was going on.

Did she get a phone call while waiting?

Maybe she was just run ragged that day.

You'll find out what was wrong, if it was your tardy 3 minutes, I would apologize just to save face and shrug it off. Try to be prepared more often in the future, and out front ready for your client. Can't undo it.

As far as the owner discussing your issues with the other girls I would like to point out that it is unproffesional for the owner to bad mouth any of her employees with other employees for any reason. She should practice proffesionalism if she wants to promote it.

Let it be for now. Don't let that event stress you into making a mistake elsewhere due to anxiety. Life goes on.....


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Posted: Sunday, September 23, 2007 10:15:37 AM

Dear peta

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Posted: Sunday, September 23, 2007 2:07:04 PM

thank you for your great advise. i really stress out when something is wrong i always have a great time with my costumers and i hate to make them upset or unconfortable.

the receptionist is really sweet and i dont know if she got a phone call. i feel really bad because she is a very nice lady.

you are absolutely right about being ready. i dont want to lose another costumer for that reason if thats why she left.

As far as my boss i was mad and hurt because i heard her. but youre right on tuesday when i go back to work ill pay attention to the clock. 

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Posted: Monday, September 24, 2007 4:56:34 AM

Don't call again, wait one week, then send out a salon postcard saying that you miss them.

I would guess that it was some other things that were bothering her as well, but I've had people leap right up at 9:01 and demand to get started even if I have someone in my chair. Many times people don't understand that they get shampooed and aren't technically in your chair until 9:10.

Mark your book off for the extra time on clients that take awhile and be more proactive about booking, have everything set up beforehand for the next 3 clients, products and tools spread out already before they sit down. Find out what's going on at the sink and if you can reduce the time it takes for your assistant to prep them. Offer to process checkout for them while they are still in your chair.

Here's another important thing; if you have a serious run in with a client and they have waited way too long, make a note of it on your computer or notes so that it doesn't happen again. Our computer check in offers a pop up window that will warn you when they check in if there was a issue before.

Coach your clients and tell them not to book appointments too close to important engagements, to have an hour buffer time, I had a woman going to a wedding in 15 minutes and still hadn't even started her updo saturday, it was a nightmare. NEVER let a client ASSUME how long it's going to take you to do something- TELL them by talking about it BEFOREHAND. RESCHEDULE ANY CLIENT IF THEY ARE MORE THAN 15 MINUTES LATE and you have another client right behind them!

If they are going right to work after appt, make sure they book your first available appointment YOU come in 15 minutes before.

I have a personal rule with my schedule that an appointment is NEVER moved once it's booked by the client for ANY reason. Only they can move it, because it's sort of a promise that you can't break. Let your client know that you value this promise as much as they do, in casual coversation. This will make them think twice before blowing you off or showing up late, LOL. Don't post signs! The finest salons here in NYC have NO SIGNS because everything is explained verbally during booking so a client can't say they didn't see it!

I have a tough time believing you are a model employee in every other aspect if your manager yelled at you about such a small infraction like 3 minutes.

I've been on both sides of the fence, AND a manager, all I can say is keep your nose clean and really TRY to figure out what you can do to speed things up without sacrificing quality.

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Posted: Monday, September 24, 2007 7:21:35 AM

hello again i just really like your advise and like i said i will pay more attention.

im not a model employee but i can honestly say that i do try to be a good employee. i think my boss was more upset that the costumer walked out than the three minutes that i was late. we are required to be there 15min early and i was there the part where i messed up is when i didnt come to the front right away.