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Posted By:Doug Hodel on: 9/23/2007 9:32:06 AM

Author: Thread: FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doug Hodel
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Posted: Sunday, September 23, 2007 9:32:06 AM

I am really frustrated and feel like I am beating my head against the wall.  The owner of the salon I work in, who is also a good friend, has on many occassions expressed to me his desire to get out from behind the chair.  However, he really can't because his clientele is how he supports his family and lifestyle.

Since he has expressed this, him and I have gone over a plan that will allow him to continue to make a good income (rental salon to commission salon) and be able to step away from the chair within a 3 - 5 year period, think Eric Fisher.  He wants an upperscale environment, but is unwilling to make the effort to get there.

We have hired an assistant and have a training schedule in place. It is a program based on a year, but he is already wanting to push her out on the floor and it has only been 2 months (she is not ready at all) which I have communicated to him, but it is falling on deaf ears.

I have been able to secure visibility through a 1 hour slot on a morning radio show that has give the salon great exposure, therefore, I really don't want to leave.  However, a difference in philosophies might force me to go.

I guess my question is, should I stay and conitinue to build a more solid clientele and then move on, or should I move on.  I feel that I am kind of stuck.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Posted: Sunday, September 23, 2007 3:33:24 PM

Don't make a decision while frustrated. Calm down, relax, go have a glass of wine in a calm serene setting and forget about it all for a little while. Don't forget to exhale lol.

After you have rewarded yourself time to relax you will be able to look at the issue clearer. Take a mini vacation. Sit on a quiet porch somewhere watching the changing of the leaves, and contemplate. Or go to the shore and get mesmerized by the rolling of the waves, allowing the seagulls songs to take you away. When you are calm, weigh the results of leaving vs staying. Put it on paper. If you do decide to leave, set a plan in motion. If you decide to stay put that plan in motion. Either way, letting it frustrate you does nothing in the end but waste time on frustration lol.

Personally I would stay. You set a short term goal, and a long term goal. It will frustrate you if you don't meet them. If at the end of your short term goal if things aren't up to par, then think twice about the long term one.

His philosphy might not totally be favorable to you right now but compromise will win in the end. If he wants her on the floor, teach her one thing and start her out there slowly. Have her do eyebrows and 5 step Lanza conditioning treatments. Teach her a graduated, bevelled bob. Teach her braiding, simple things and build her talents and her book one by one.

When you get into a partnership of sorts, your going to have no choice but to deal with the others mindset. It can be as scary as marriage! It can also be as rewarding.

I do suggest when your not as frustrated that you sit him down and explain your points to him. Be willing to hear him as well. You are both invested in this, and both wants success as an end result.

Good luck with it, sincerely.