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Posted By:red1 on: 10/2/2007 8:26:20 PM

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Price Decrease?
Posted: Tuesday, October 02, 2007 8:26:20 PM

Need advice!!!... I've been doing hair for 15 yrs & have recently moved to a new salon where the prices are lower than mine, they said that they are fine with my prices being higher, since I have been doing hair longer then the other styists in the salon, but in the past year I have noticed that a lot of my clientiele have been moving out of town, and I seem to be losing a lot to people to stlyists that aren't charging as much, who are just as good! I feel like I'm at the end of my rope here, because it "looks bad" in this busines to "lower your prices" when your suppose to be raising them instead! And how would I go about it? Can anyone one help me? 

Thank you for your time!!:)  

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losing clients
Posted: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 3:31:44 AM

Whenever you make price a focus, you will attract clients that make price a focus as well. Make sure that all the literature in the salon stresses that you are a senior stylist. Really try to put aside the focus on price and look at the whole picture.

Here's the tough part-

You have to step outside the realm of the salon to promote yourself, because the salon itself is closed to you as far as getting new clientele, especially if your prices are 20 percent or higher than everyone else's.. This means that since you have been working there, you've been a tough sell...The clients are attracted to the salon FIRST, THEN you.

You should be trying to refer others from the clients that you have left. It is a measure of your own abilities to completely rebuild your clientele base WITHOUT the help of the salon to do it.

Ask yourself why your clients are going to other stylists there when they followed you! Were you

Late more than once, unprepared upon appointment time
Called in sick more than twice this year
Rescheduled their early/late appointment for your own convenience
rushed through the service
didn't thank them, act grateful for their loyalty

had your own concerns before theirs and voiced or acted on them


These are all valid reasons why a client would choose another stylist and have NOTHING to do with price.

The owners wanted to see your green, they weren't really interested in having you conform to the salon's pricing expectations. This is dangerous because if you don't have the CONFIDENCE, SKILL, and ATTITUDE to back up your price point, you will indeed have problems.