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Posted By:AvedaGirl on: 10/15/2007 7:41:56 PM

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Posted: Monday, October 15, 2007 7:41:56 PM

Hey there...I am hoping someone on here can help me...I am currently working in a very well known Aveda salon and I have been there for 4 years.  Recently the owner thought it would be fun to change it up a little bit and wants to make it a very corporate salon and spa without any of the corporate benefits for the employees.  First off, we only receive 40% commission, our tips are double taxed (which I am sure HAS to be illegal), our product commission has just about been completely done away with so we no longer make money off of the products we have been pushed VERY hard to sell, we have horrible managers who do not do hair, our owner won't let us have anything to sit on in our breakroom because she says we shouldn't have time to sit because we should be sooooooo busy and the best part is that our call center has been instructed to play favorites to a few of the stylists and to only give those certain stylists the new clients.  Mind you, we have about 70 stylist between our 3 salons and about 5 stylists are the favorites, who receive all the new clients.  I am just so fed up but there are very few Aveda salons in the area and one has apparently been instructed not to hire anyone from the salon I work in.  I absolutely love my job but what do you do when it is no longer fun, nor moneymaking, in the current workplace???  This is the only salon I have ever worked in and am very nervous to go to a boothrent.  I can't afford to be making an less that I already am and want to know if there are any tips to keep current clients during a move when none of their contact info is available to me.  PLEASE HELP!!!