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Posted By:MikeyD on: 10/17/2007 12:34:13 AM

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Classic Long Layered Cut
Posted: Wednesday, October 17, 2007 12:34:13 AM
Hello folks! So after months and months of patience, researching, talking to folks, finding that ideal apprentice program for me etc. I had an interview with this awesome salon and got invited to come "hang out" with them for a day to see whats a typical day at their salon working as an apprentice.

Well, from that point they seemed interested and now want me to audition. My prospective mentor had already interviewed with 2 other great candidates and now because we all have great qualities, she decided to have us all audition. So now its on!

So anywho, she wants me to do a "Classic Long Layer Cut." I'm straight out of beauty school and although I have an idea of what a classic long layered cut is I wanted to get your prospective on what and how a classic long long layer cut should be executed.

Does "classic" mean cutting the shape blunt vs. sliding and point cutting all throughout? Afterall, I am cutting this on a live model and she does have strong asian hair. I can't imagine cutting it blunt and then blowing the hair out only to discover all the shelves and ridges. I suppose I can cut it blunt and then when I detail the cut when dry just go back over and cross check it and then channel, point cut, slide etc. to break to reduce bulk and ends right? Ok now I'm really thinking to hard. I just wanna nail it.

What are your thoughts on what or how a "Classic Long Layer Cut" should be performed for an audition.


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Posted: Wednesday, October 17, 2007 5:27:15 AM

I would use which ever technique that works with the models hair type.  It sounds like you know what your doing.  After you cut her hair (and you do a wonderful jod)  The manager will most likely check and ask you ??, Just tell them why you used the method you did.  Speak with confidence and make eye contact.  You will be fine.  Keep me posted on how it goes


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