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Posted By:MandiMae on: 11/18/2007 9:53:37 PM

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Curly Hair Disaster
Posted: Sunday, November 18, 2007 9:53:37 PM


I have short curly hair that I lighten to blonde- level 12, natural. My hair naturally sits at about a level 6 or 7, natural.  It's a medium natural blonde that lightens to a about a 12 when in the sun. 
Anyhow, I've had it this blonde only a the top section. I wore it all summer long.  About 2 months ago, I decided it was getting too dry so, I color it back to something close to my natural.  I hated it. The tones were to gold. To be expected I suppose.  So... I lightened it back, but had to pre-lighten this time in order to remove the deposited color.
My hair, needless to say, is in shambles!! The underneath still curls really pretty, but the top just lays there. Won't hardly wave. I've used Nexxus' Emergency treatment and have done a deep conditioning treatment. But so far, nothing seems to have done much.
I was thinking of buying a Reconstructive conditioner that's suppose to bring the hair back to it's natural pH level, something like 4.5 or 5. 5... it's K-Pak by Joico. 
Sadly, my instructor at school doesn't know much about curly hair and can't offer me much help.
Can somebody here PLEASE help me. I want my curly hair back!!!


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Posted: Monday, November 19, 2007 3:58:22 PM
Mandi, nothing short of growing back the hair is going to bring your hair back to the curl it was before the extensive processing. Any sort of reconstructor is only going to mask the damage, or worse, overprotienize your hair and make it brittle, my friend did this with overdoing it with Kerastase and it broke off when her cat walked over her head when she was sleeping.

Lightening your hair not only removes pigment, but also the protein and bonds within to get the lightest blonde. White platinum hair has almost nothing left inside the cuticle, reflecting sort of like an empty glass. This is why it's so important never to let hair lighten above palest yellow.

BTW there is no level "12". The universal shade system ends at 10, lightest blonde.

The 11 and 12 levels are merely denoting that it is a high lift color line, when specifying generally without referring to a specific haircolor product, you would actually be a natural level 10. Companies only say 11 and 12 for marketing and educational reasons.

Try experimenting with Caruso or a wet roller set, this is what Marilyn Monroe and Gwen Stefani do when they want their hair curly because it DOES curl the delicate S bonds that are left in the lightened, highly processed hair.

If you do use Kpak or any other protien product, use only once a week, and use a moisturizing conditioner the rest of the week as an alernative. Discontinue the protien if your hair feels crunchy.

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Posted: Monday, November 19, 2007 10:28:06 PM

goodness, have i been in school this long and still know so little???
obviously, yes. should i ask for a refund??? *laughing*

Well, thank you for the insight and the education on hair color and levels and numbers 10-12! *wink*

I will take the advice seriously and do as was said. The last thing I need on top of really pretty golden, limp hair is, well, no hair at all.
I'll do the once a week thing with the Kpak and get a really good deep conditioner, can you recommend one??

for what it's worth, i guess, the hair color is really pretty. ahahahhahaa!!

Again, thank you so much!!!

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Posted: Monday, November 26, 2007 12:25:36 AM
I have naturally curly hair and whenever i decide to go pretty light my curl gets kinda frizzy and bent outta shape.. i use Paul Mitchel Super Strong treatment(good for blondes puts some protein back in without making it too hard and snapping off) once a week for a couple weeks than Paul Mitchell Hair Repair treatment after you feel its improving(thats kinda an all around deep conditioner...moisture and protein).. and just be sure to use thermal protectors and stuff like that if blow drying or flat ironing.

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Posted: Wednesday, March 12, 2008 8:38:17 PM

Hi Mandi!-


Unfortunately this also happened to me in beauty school only my hair fell out!  Yikes!  I found that Brocato Cloud 9 shampoo and treatment work really well.  Also Russ' suggestion with the rollers is a good one until your hair gets back into shape.  You said your hair is short correct?  At least you dont have a long time to grow it out although it felt like an eternity when I was growing mine back.  Unfortunately it just takes time (ugh!)  K-Pak is a great treatment too.  Sometimes I would put it on with a plastic cap or a towel warmed in the dryer and cook dinner or just watch tv.  I wish you the best of luck!!!