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Posted By:sabrinabobina on: 11/25/2007 8:17:20 AM

Author: Thread: should i stick it out?
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should i stick it out?
Posted: Sunday, November 25, 2007 8:17:20 AM

hi everybody! so i graduated half a month ago and landed an assistant job at the best salon that i knew.  its super nice with a great clientelle and they are very education focused. i have been there 2 weeks now and dont know what to do. the sstylist i work for is a complete nazi. i understand you want things done properly..but it seems to be ridiculous. they have me relearning everything..2 weeks in and she still is making me feel like i cant even shampoo properly! i feel so frustrated..with her(not once has she praised me for anything..and im working my but off!) with the school i graduated from (for not preparing me properly) and most of all with myself (for sucking so badly!) my selfconfidence is totally shot, i have been brought to tears by her and totally want to quit ..but i know this is the best place to be and anywhere else is going down. i dont know what to do...and the other girls arnt very nice to me either..boo!

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Posted: Sunday, November 25, 2007 5:16:08 PM
I too worked for a "nazi", the trick is to do everything before they have a chance to ask you to do it! Have her clients shampooed and ready to go the moment they come in and line everything up so that there is no way that she can yell at you. If you smoke, QUIT and keep a copy of the schedule nearby so you know when people are due in.

Shampooing is the cornerstone of a great style and experience at the salon, you need to give a vigorous shampoo yet not be rough, work quickly but appear to be relaxing in your form, and you need to really get every last bit of suds and color out of the hair. Watch the senior people closely because there are shortcuts you can do. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through a blowout and finding suds or color left in the hair because it it such a waste of time.

If you are recently hired, you need to keep up working this hard until another new assistant starts; THIS is why the other assistants push you because they have ALREADY been in your shoes.

Really try to grin and bear it, make sure you are getting a decent lunch break, and also have a little backbone and tell them "I have to do this and this before I can get to you", DON'T just say yes, or you will fall behind.

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Posted: Sunday, November 25, 2007 5:41:53 PM
thanks so much for replying.  i am going to try to not take it so personally.  i know that if i stick it out i will learn a lot. i havent had a lunch break yet since i have started..i will have to learn to fit that in some time.  i just hope it gets better because in the mean time i am feeling really lost there and incapable. i even got the "didnt you go to hair school?" comment. i graduated with a 93% and won awards at school...but my confidence has gone out the window. thanks again...its nice to hear that i am not the only one that has endured this.

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Posted: Monday, November 26, 2007 11:55:36 AM
Let me say this- when you have no one around you to look up to or inspire you, go and find a new job. Struggle is part of building out who you are as a stylist. If the people you are learning from aren't inspiring you, or their work isn't the kind of work you look up to, you might as well be slinging burgers at McDonald's if you want drudgery.

Make sure you are getting a fair shake with things, a lunch break is indeed a federal law- 30 minutes for every 6 hours you work.

If you don't speak up when you are treated unfairly or they don't see where you're coming from, no one else will.

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Posted: Monday, November 26, 2007 10:01:41 PM

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