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Posted By:stephanie021675 on: 1/31/2008 6:43:27 PM

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Reconsidering my career!
Posted: Thursday, January 31, 2008 6:43:27 PM

I am extremely new to this profession..........4 months out of school and I really don't know if I've made the right decision when it comes to my career.  I've always wanted and loved doing hair and now that I am I feel that I'm not good at it!

First of all I don't feel like I got the proper training and second I really don't think I'm in the right salon.  I wanted to be a hairstylist because I love doing hair not to make money for a billion dollar company.  The salon I work for is more interested in the quantity of clients you get in your chair and not the quality of  the haircut.  I don't even section hair anymore!!  How can you do a decent cut without sectioning.............YOU CAN'T!  I feel like I'm becoming a "lazy hairdresser"...............you want a $15 haircut, you're getting a $15 haircut!  My services aren't up to par with the other stylists, I mean some of them have been doing it for years I know and I it's going to take time for be to perfect my skills, but what happens when you feel like you don't have any skills?  I don't feel like my cuts are "finished".....do you know what I mean?  it seems like I stop cutting too soon but at the same time I feel like I've cut too much.  I'm so confused.  This isn't what I pictured my career to be.........and yes I know I've only been out of school for 4 months and I know it's going to take time but I just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And don't even get me started on the clients!!  When did it become acceptable to be completely rude to someone and you just have to take it?!  I've been in situations where I was in the right and instead of my manager standing up for me, she bent down and kissed the clients' a.........feet.  I understand that in this profession you have to take some flack, I mean we are dealing with someones' hair but there are exceptions to that rule and I truly don't believe the customer's always right........who came up with that anyway?!

I remember an instructor telling me that the first year's the hardest...........she wasn't kidding!  I have to take a class in order to upgrade to my generals and I don't even want to do that.........I don't want real professionals to see what I can't do!

I just don't know if I was cut out for this line of work.  You know when a celebrity puts out a cd and your first thought is 'what the hell are they thinkin, just because they love music doesn't mean that they can sing!'............that's kinda how I'm feeling, just because I love doing hair doesn't mean I should be a professional.  I'm just so confused.  I have absolutely no confidence in my abilities.

Well I think I've dumped enough on you tonight.  Unfortunately I don't feel any better.  Does every new hairdresser feel this way?

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Give it time,,,,,
Posted: Saturday, February 02, 2008 11:40:58 PM
I know how you feel - I felt the same way when I was done school. I ended up leaving the $9 haircut store I was at and taking a position as an assistant in a higher end salon. That way I could watch the more experienced stylists for techniques and client building tips - one of them even became kind of a mentor and would stay late for me to do my friend's hair, then teach me where I needed to improve.
I guess my bottom line is that if you're not happy - it shows, not only in your mannerisms, but in your work. I recently left the salon I was managing and started my own. It's a lot harder to do, but I'm so much happier than I was with my former boss screaming in my face and telling me how stupid I was when something didn't go his way (his idea of a "discussion") or he didn't understand. It's a long story - I won't get into it or I'll be here all night. Anyway, my point is that my customers noticed that I wasn't depressed all the time, and it's paid off in referrals to my business. I thought I was hiding it well, but.......
I hope this helps you - hang in there!

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Posted: Sunday, February 03, 2008 2:36:54 AM

Dear stephanie021675,

                                 I think that the short answer is to find a different job. All salon owners are not bullys and slave drivers.

  Some salon owners actually care about their stylists. The stylists in the salon are how the salon makes money - no stylists - no money.

 Find yourself a different (better) salon to work in.


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Scared to Death
Posted: Monday, February 25, 2008 12:55:06 PM
I read Stephanie's Story about being out of school for 4 months and it made me scared I just finished 3 weeks ago and I go take my board on the 11 of March and I am so scared.  I know I have the theory down frontward and in my sleep.  But when it comes to the practial I am so lacking in confidance it is not even funny.  I have been the receptionest in my salon for about a year so I know the girls who I am going to work with. I am on work permit right now so I get to work a few days a week but I am slow and they giggle at me for having to section 9 section for a perm and I take a long.....time for haircut.. I am so afraid of messing someones hair up its not even funny.  I have always wanted to do hair, but because I had children so early in life I had to wait to go back to school and I feel akward and out of place since I am older.  Clients will come into the salon and think bc i am 30 think i have been doing hair for a long time when in fact i am new, then they get all nervous when my manager comes over and says are we doing all right.  In turn feeds my anxiety.  I have no clue if anything I just rambled made any sence.  I just know that i want to be okay doing this job and wonder why some of my co workers are so confident and I just seemes to miss that day in school..

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Posted: Monday, February 25, 2008 4:18:15 PM

Don't be scared of the practical exam! I should have failed it myself and I didn't...

and here I am 11 years later and doing really well, and loving what I do. It's tough starting out but if you stick with it youll always do ok. :)