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Posted By:krysalis on: 2/11/2008 11:35:21 AM

Author: Thread: Salon owners, please give me some input
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Salon owners, please give me some input
Posted: Monday, February 11, 2008 11:35:21 AM
I've been in the salon industry for 21 years, right now I'm working for a owner who is not a hairstylist, but have owned many salons in the last 15 years. What she does is opens a salon and then sells it under five years. One of her old employees told me she does this, when she starts loosing money and has to put money in every month.well, Her salon is up for sale. I am so tired of working for salon owners who DO NOT KNOW how to run a salon efficiently. She has me helping her with her marketing to increase the business. She had no Client Data base information.The salon is always dirty, she doesn't have a full time receptionist,or manager, doesn't keep track of her color and retail products. there's no team work, a lot of gossipy employees, language barriers with employees and clients,no continuing education for anyone of us, and the list goes on and on.... I've started to help her with marketing and given her ideas to help her salon grow, but since I've started helping her with her marketing, some of the employees have been gossiping about me and just really ugly with me. I am really disappointed, because i thought these people were my friends. oh well... obviously no team work, just negative employees.

Anyways, Since then, we are giving back to the community to give us exposer, finally started a client data base, sending out newsletters, Creating Gift Cards etc....

Since we found out about her selling the salon we asked her as a group, why she was selling, and she said she wasn't, she just wants to see how much she can get for her salon. Well, we don't By it.

Why would any salon owner put her salon for sale if she wasn't serious about selling it? Since I'm doing all this marketing for her, I've decided I'm going to branch out on my own. Would any tell me if its better to buy an existing salon or start out fresh and new with it. I prefer to start out new and fresh,since i don't want to get over my head with it.

I know that buying an existing salon, is sometimes not a good thing, because what if they have a bad rep for bad service, or give out horrible haircuts, or known to be a dirty salon etc....

Those are the things that worry me on existing salons. Starting out New and Fresh with ultra cool decor with salon structure and offer continuing training and education for stylist, and focus on the utmost customer service.Will i be better off? What does any Salon owner think about this idea of new ownership?

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Posted: Monday, February 11, 2008 2:07:32 PM

If you want to buy the salon than do it, but be careful to only pay for what you are actualy getting. Are you really getting a solid business with a good name? If not, than all you are getting is a lease on a space with used furniture, and that is all you should be paying for. There is a huge difference between the two things. One is much more valuble than the other.

If you like the location than why not meet with her privately and offer to buy her out on the lease? You can then redecorate and change the name, and fire anybody who is a pain in the butt.

Invite the people you all ready know and like from working there to stay with you, but don't expect that they will automatically stay. Sometimes even the good ones won't like the change. The advantage would be that your own clientele won't have to go looking for you, since you will be in the same space where you have worked for a while.