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Posted By:opinailz@yahoo.com on: 2/26/2008 11:32:55 PM

Author: Thread: I am almost DONE before I really got started!?!?
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I am almost DONE before I really got started!?!?
Posted: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 11:32:55 PM
Very stressed out at my job. does anyone have some advice on this I could use it. Lowest on the pole, taken for granted, all the crap non hair jobs cleaning etc.., never booked unless everyone else is full,  u name it I am it. Any advice as this is starting to get to me.

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awww thats just they way it all starts lol
Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 7:07:08 AM

well how long has it been, a year maybe, you are the lowest on the totem pole, you have to pay your dues, are you doing anything to promote your self to get clients requesting you? if you have clients requesting you you will not have that much time to clean, it the shop investing in your future there? are they paying for you to take classes are the training you well or is this strictly molly maid till you get busy, if that is the case get busy!

always have business cards on hand

talk to every on you meet, ask them for your card first then say I am a stylist and I may have a client that my be interested in your services even if I may not be, then automatically hand them your card, that person will see you for a cut just to see if you are promoting him/her

get a business card folder keep all you clients business cards in it that way other clients can flip through and use your clients services

place free adds on the Internet Kijjii etc or other Internet sites

set up an on line website or set up pictures of your work on flicker something inexpensive or free that potential clients can go to to see your work

network , network, network

I go to get my teeth cleaned at a dental school they do a fine job(I am great with my teeth) at the end of the sessions I give them a little hair care pack to say thanks and sure enough I have nabbed every one of them as clients I have been doing this for years get creative clients are there for the picking!!!!!!!

if it is really that bad though start interviewing!

good luck


patience in one minute of anger can prevent one hundred days of sorrow!

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I feel ya kid!
Posted: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 12:42:53 AM

Me and my friend are both pretty new at a chain salon in the mall.  I swear that none of the other stylists know how to fold a towel, wash a load of laundry, clean a break room, or even manage to get the trash in the trash can, but most of the time I'd rather be cleaning up than taking the clients I've been given!   I keep getting the freak clients, specifically the ones the other stylists don't want!  I'm getting clients with way too advanced color corrections, clients with extremely long thick hair that is usually frizzy or damaged and takes forever to do, scary guys that look like they just broke out of prison, wild children, and teenagers with an attitude!  I feel like if it's a nutjob, they're giving them to me!  At first, I thought it was because they wanted us to be able to deal with all types of situations, but now I know better.  I'm not an idiot, it's getting really obvious.  My co-workers are giving me total rejects!  It was better to sweep floors than have to touch some of the nasties that they pass down to me!  For example, we had a guy that was booked for my boss, but she was taking her long sweet time with the client in her chair and as soon as I finished with a screaming child, she gave the guy with the greasy,nasty hair to me.  It was so intentional!  The dude had not washed his hair in what looked like a month, and she didn't want to touch him!  I watched her piddle with the blow-dryer on her client until her client's scalp was red just to make sure I was the first one done and next available.  Nevermind that the greasy guy was her appointment!  Yeah, I sure don't get her easy, big tippers that are scheduled for her no matter how early I finish!  Ya know? Anyway, keep your chin up and just know you're not alone, and it could be worse!  I am not just fed up, I'm in fear of catching something! 

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Posted: Wednesday, April 02, 2008 10:01:31 PM

Wow. I didn't know that when we got out of beauty school we were only supposed to be given high-fashion supermodels as clients. My bad. I thought we were starting from the bottom and working our way up in the industry.

Geez, you get a job fresh out of beauty school and you complain that you have to do things like sweep the floor? And fold towels? Never get booked unless everyone else is full? Awww poor baby.

Get over yourself and realize that you ARE the bottom of the totem pole sweetheart. You are the newbie in the salon, you are going to be the last cookie in the jar. Instead of complaining about how horrible it is to be you, how about putting a smile on your over worked face and talking to people and building up your own clientele.

And instead of bitching about how ugly, mean, scary, nasty, etc your clientele is, just keep that smile on and realize that you have the opportunity to impress these people. Tell them how to take care of their hair. Tell them how important it is to look great. Once you give these people a great service they will be back and they will be the people who stick with you forever. And they won't always look that ugly to you when they have been with you for 20 years.