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Posted By:MereDoesHair on: 2/27/2008 9:45:31 PM

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CHI transformation disaster...
Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 9:45:31 PM
I just got the call from my client. The CHI transformation system we did on Sunday has left her hair feeling as though it is breaking. She said that its not noticable to look at, but that when she runs her fingers through her hair it feels the way hair that has been buzzed does at the roots and that it feels that way ALL OVER HER HEAD!
AHHH! I have NEVER had a problem with the system before. I have used it faithfully for 2 years and never seen anything bad come of it.I got my certification a few years back and felt very confident with it, I've done 20+ of these systems and always felt good about the results.
Yet here my client is panicked that her hair is breaking off because another salon told her that it was snapping at the root.... and yet she said that she hasn't noticed a significant increase in shedding....
WHAT IS GOING ON!!! So I have tried to research breakage in the system and have found NOTHING on the net where anyone has shared an experience like mine. :(

Ugh... I'm freaked out and unable to suggest much. All I could tell her to do tonight is to put the infra treatment on her hair for 10-15 minutes and follow it with the keratin mist and silk infusion for moisture and strength...
I can't get ahold of anyone at Farouk for any OTHER instructions because they are closed for the night.I did call and got that same advice...
I have never been so scared that I have ruined someone's hair before EVER. I just want to ball up and cry.
What a bad, bad, bad day....

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Posted: Thursday, February 28, 2008 11:05:48 AM
maybe she is feeling her outgowth area. i know you just did this, but maybe it is the hair at her scalp feeling stronger. i felt this on one of my clients after a month or so, but maybe this is it? you know- how the re-growth will "feel" diff than the treated hair. just a thought.

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Posted: Friday, February 29, 2008 8:16:09 AM
I saw the client yesterday. I was quite relieved to see that all is well. as it turns out, it was her roots that she felt. The interesting thing about that is that she was feeling how her hair now moves straight out in the direction of the growth pattern rather than how it once did. I mentioned to her as I was flat ironing while doing the system that "wow, you have a lot of whirls... did you know that you have several different growth patters on at least 3 spots on your hair?" she mentioned that yes, she was aware of that fact and that she found out by cutting her hair short several years back and even when she would flat iron it, it would still look as though she had woken up with bedhead.... she even laughed about the fact that her leg hair does the same thing, and how odd that is....
So of course, when you do the CHI system, you have to be super careful to iron in the direction of th e growth, or face potential breakage from bending the hair in an un-natural direction...

SO, when my client ran her hands through her straight hair, it felt bizarre to her... she could actually FEEL the whirls at the root! That coupled with the fact that having once had some of the most volumonous puff I had ever encountered and then reducing the volume by about 75% made her hair look muuuuch thinner.
In actuality, she still had TONS of hair, but having never seen or felt it that way, after getting out of the shower and seeing that it was wet and still almost as straight as it was before she got IN the shower, made her think "uh oh"

She did however, have some minor breakage around the nape and the lower corners of the hairline around the front. Which can happen... they weren't noticable and extremely minor.
After hearing the good news from me that there was no problem, she then said, "I just want you to know that the past 3 days of styling my hair have been awesome. I just shower, blow my hair dry, and I sometimes will flat iron just the front. It takes 15 minutes to do my hair now instead of the hour or so it took before. I'm much happier now that I get sleep in the mornings." Her hair did look really good. It was shiny and soft and silky... I was very pleased.
Even still I gave her a deep conditioning treatment, as well as the tube to use once a week at home (just for good measure) and all was right with the world once again.

I am very happy to report that my bad day turned into a very good one in the end... But I will admit I spent almost every waking moment praying that whatever it was that went wrong was fixable. God must have heard me, since he made it so that nothing went wrong in the first place!