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Posted By:KKut81 on: 3/2/2008 6:37:12 PM

Author: Thread: What to do when you have an inconsiderate client??
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What to do when you have an inconsiderate client??
Posted: Sunday, March 02, 2008 6:37:12 PM
Hello! I've been in this salon for about 5 months now,things for the most part are great.I'm doing hair,nails,waxing and makeup. Since starting,the other two nail techs have left,so they gave me some of their clients.However,there is this one client who is a constant burdon. She is my nail and sometimes hair client. She is consistantly 15 mins or more late for EVERY appt. She did this to the other nail tech that had her,yet nothing was done to stop this.So it's almost like she thinks it's ok to be late. Not only that,but she can be rude sometimes,constantly underming my work,saying things like "Jill,(the other nail tech)never took this long to do nails." And she has been known to bite off her acrylic nails after getting them filled or a full set,then has the nerve to tell me that this never happened with Jill,the lifting or falling off.She even told me that a nail fell off so she "cheated" on me and went to the lower-end nail salons. She would come in,and seeing that she needs a fill,would say"I don't have much money this week,can we just polish" so i'm not makin gmuch money with her.She always tries to get out of paying the full price,yet has money to get facials done and her hair colored. I'm tired of being treated this way..if she doesn't like my work and doesn't want to pay the full price..why doesn't she just go to the lower-end nail shops??? I'm tired of her being late and still having to put a smile on my face. Nobody in the salon can stand her,not even some clients. One of these days when I do have a full book and she shows up late..she'll mess up my whole day just because of her. What do I do??

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Posted: Sunday, March 09, 2008 1:48:21 PM

I'm one class away from getting my BA in Business Management and everything I have learned in school says  it's better to just get rid of your worst clients. They're going to cost you more than they are worth.

When  I used to work in the salon  we had a 15 min rule. If clients were later than 15 minutes you could have the receptionist make the client reschedule. I remember one client I had, I didn't like the guy, he was always 15 minutes late,  he would always be my last client on friday too. So one time he pulls up to the salon 25 minutes late and I told the receptionist to tell him I  left for the day. She did and  he got mad, yelled at her and everything but he came back and he was on time the next time.  I don't think  some people realize that people in the salon  work on a tight schedule.  You have to say something or they're just going to keep doing it.

As far as the lady not wanting to pay full price. I had a client like that as well. She would want a bang trim and half a blowdry. Don't blowdry my hair all the way because I don't want to pay $20 for a blowdry. I told her my bosses set the prices and I have to charge them, and she didn't argue with that. Even though my boss who worked right next to me would give her clients free blowdries and bang trims and half price hilights, She said that was the right thing to say and I told her I'm sick of people coming in here and expecting to get some kind of deal. These are not my friends or family, who do they think they are? I would never have the nerve to negoitiate a price at a salon. You don't go to the grocery store and say I'm only going to eat the outside of this apple so don't charge me for the core. I don't where people come up with this idea that you should negiotiate a price in a salon.