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Posted By:smalltalk on: 3/21/2008 10:03:55 PM

Author: Thread: What's the best shear for the job???
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What's the best shear for the job???
Posted: Friday, March 21, 2008 10:03:55 PM
Here is a bit about me: I dry cut and scissor over comb a lot, love to have fun with blending/texturising shears but when I whant a blunt staight line it better be a perfect one. I have come to realise that one pair of shears can't do all the jobs I need and want. After some web surfing I sone became overwelmed by all the selection avalable. So here is my question; In your oppinion what's the best (make, quality, features, model) for: wet cutting(blunt), dry cutting (slice/slide), point cutting, scissor over comb, detail cutting (fringe,around the ears, nape...), blending layers (blending shears), texturizing straight hair (fine and/or coarse) and texturizing curley hair (thin and/or thick). Thanks so much in advance for your help!!!

renita jackson
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Posted: Thursday, December 08, 2016 5:33:28 AM
Got Glamour, Equinox and Suvorna have strong power on the market . Their products have great job .