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Posted By:Tat2dchik on: 4/21/2008 9:24:37 AM

Author: Thread: I am so over it...
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I am so over it...
Posted: Monday, April 21, 2008 9:24:37 AM
I swear, if I have to do one more Victoria Beckham bob, I am going to kill myself. If it isn't that peach of a style (which I am eternally grateful for the income it has generated, blah blah blah), it's the flips, or it's the long layered cut. Is there nothing else to suggest to these lemmings? I feel like falling to my knees with thanks to the Lord above when someone want something different!

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Posted: Monday, April 21, 2008 1:03:44 PM
I love doing that haircut. I wish I could do more of them!

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Posted: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 6:14:07 AM

oh you think that is bad over 10 years ago "posh" cut her long hair short( at the height of the Spice Girls) and every one wanted it, for the first time in my career I am doing mass amounts of the "Pob" again, You better get used to it people follow celebrity. In the 90"s the "Rachael" was all the rage I must have did about 5-8 of them per day! and the Meg Ryan I did that hair cut over and over again, some times I would get sick of it but then the next celebrity hair job would come in lol, it had been going on since at least the days of Queen Elizabeth the 1, then on to Marie Antoinette she was a past day Paris Hilton, Loise Brooks from the 20's look at the 40's styles they were even popular to draw them on those famous Varga Girls, Marilyn Monroe and on to Fara Fawcett in the 70's and Madonna in the 80's. I acctually think that this is the first time that a celebrity has had a major impact on a hair do and then 10 years later did it again. the bright side is that you need to do a cut at least 100 time before you perfect it so their do the best ones you can and get used to it this it part of the business, most people won't walk around all avant garde, if you are in need of something different do film or enter contests goo luck, hopefully Posh won't come back on you 10 years later! 


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Yeah, been there
Posted: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 6:13:43 PM
Actually, I'm no novice with this haircut....I've been cutting different versions of it since 1996. I've been through the Dorothy Hamill, the Madonna/Cyndi Lauper/Flock Of Seagulls thing, the Rachel and now the immortal Meg Ryan and resurrected Posh....Which, by the way, is really nothing more than an exaggerated "Nancy Kwan" bob from Vidal Sassoon back in the 60's. I suppose I should suck it up and cheer that these haircuts are my bread and butter, but I'm still getting kind of bored.