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Posted By:chukeedoll on: 5/10/2008 12:55:58 AM

Author: Thread: Management, what do you expect from your assistants?
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Management, what do you expect from your assistants?
Posted: Saturday, May 10, 2008 12:55:58 AM
Today I went to work a job I have been working at for three weeks now but, before I get to the bad point of the story I first have to say the people that work there do some awsome hair. Every person that leaves their chair leaves with a great style, cut or color. I come from a small city so maybe my perception is a bit off but from what I see they are great. So I live in a small city with not much choices from great salons to pick from. A lot do not provide the education or start you off assisting. As a stylist that has just come out of school I feel I do not have the knowledge or the skills to even touch someones hair. I've heard across seas you assist for four years and within those four years you are not even allowed to touch someones hair. Which is why I chose this salon in my city because you must assist before you get out on the floor. The only problem, I feel like my boss thinks I am a total idiot. That or he just doesn't like me. I mean I have worked at another salon for a year so I thought I would at least know something going to this salon but I just feel like im walking around dazed and confused. Nothing I do is right. My boss once told me to fix all the cords from the irons and blowdryers so they would not be tangled so I unplugged them and put them all neatly inside the little cubbies you stick them in. The problem is the cords were touching the irons and started to melt away in which my boss made a huge scene in front of everyone and asked who did it. I felt humiliated and I just wanted to run out of there crying. This isn't what makes me rethink about what I've gotten myself into though. What i really want to know is, as a manager or business owner from an assistant, what do you expect of us? I know I sound like a total crybaby but by all means I really do want to know. Is it me or my boss cheerfully greeting everyone and giving me a cold hello telling me in not so many words he wish I would quit or me just being a silly child? Is him passing me and asking another assistant to help him just me over reacting or does he not think I can do it? I have worked with color before, I can do your basic retouch or all over color. I can put in foils, im not the best but practice only makes perfect. I am new with the color line so im still getting the mixing down but when I'd ask him he would always say he would cover it later. I am losing my enthusiasum, I want to go home crying almost everyother day. I have worked at another salon before and I loved it, I felt like I belonged but now I just feel like those confused monkeys in a cage that don't know what they are doing. So please I beg of you, all salon owners and managers tell me what do you expect from your assistants. I want to know everything so that I can be better. I can take constructive critisism so lay it on me. Im not asking for pitty all I ask is for your advice and maybe even a little encouragement because I have lost my faith in myself.

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Posted: Sunday, May 11, 2008 4:10:40 PM
Sounds like you have joined up with one of those "cult" salons (probably one of the Avada persuasion)!
We have a few of those in our city...
My advice GET OUT!!!
Why did you not gt a job doing hair at the other salon you worked formerly? If you do not love a place get out... I would suggest fining a busy salon in a strip mall location with lots of foot traffic and a great owner, or try one of the high(er) end chain salons like Regis or Bubbles.

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Don't Give Up
Posted: Monday, May 12, 2008 12:29:34 PM

I will agree partially with HairWizard in that it does not sound like you will find your niche in the salon you are now in. I never did apply to, nor do I now believe in the strict and arrogant manners of some salon owners, but if it is their salon they should be able to do as they wish, I do agree with that whole heartedly. Unfortunately your self esteem seems to be suffering. Chukeedoll, we all take risks in our lives and careers. Keep looking, if your passion is in doing hair learn and watch. If you are a salon assistant, and taking orders from all of the stylists, well bless your heart and good luck, if you are the owner'sassistant do what he tells you to do as best you can. If he is really any good, you should be able to ask how he wants it done. If he is unable to tell you, or expects you to read his mind...move on asap, unless you are willing to be scorned, humilated and embarrassed. You can find good stylists in the mom and pop corner salon, or those that are in the high rent district. Look for the styles and ask the folks where they got their hair cut, good or bad. Small town will of course limit you, but that's what you've chosen and must live with. Start saving your money to attend shows, if money is an issue, find a part time job. I am compelled to mention that you have made a good decision to come here and vent. Don't give up your own integrity or allow anyone to make you feel inadequate. For every bad manager out ther, you'll find a dozen that are good with your interest in mind, not their self serving, controlling motivations. Prima Dona's will come and go. They have the tendency to drag others down with them. Find the down to earth folks, where their craft is as important to them as a decent wage. If you do anything for the money only I don't see any value.  Expectations of a salon owner should be to groom you for a chair and teach you the trade, not to whip you or make you feel inadequate. Your expectations should be to wash a lot of hair, towels, sweep a ton of hair up, make sure you comply with your job description and don't depend on any one to take you where you desire to go, but make your own way. Most importantly learn, if you like what you see going out of the salon, then that should be enough, don't question your ability to judge but your ability to see a good product. If you cannot go home feeling good about yourself Chukeedoll, life is going to be a drag. I wish you well and as a final note, if the stylist now working in the salon are happy, then the owner must have something going for him, so I wouldn't do anything drastic until you figure out what the other stylist find attractive about the salon.  Hair dressers are artist, so sensitive to many things, and we should be perceptive. I'm working with an assistant now that is pierced, tattooed, young and recently out of beauty school. I work in a laid back salon that has been around over 30 years in a fairly large city. We don't subcribe to wearing black and white formal wear, but a jeans, tennies type of salon. Very casual. I wish I had a nickle for every shirt and pair of slacks I've ruined, seriously. Our clients are not superstars, but landscapers, plumbers, machineist, doctors, teachers, lawyers, nurses, housekeepers, one of my favorite clients of 20+ years is a retired Juvenile Court Judge that has it all over Judge Judy, he is hilarious, I should be paying him, but...every day people, bread and butter. People living in the real world. Go to Las Vegas for the IBS show coming up, start networking, join a Cosmetology organization and keep writing to the bulletin board. Sorry for the long answer, can't help myself in that regard. (lol).

bill in az