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Posted By:hairchild on: 6/5/2008 3:38:27 AM

Author: Thread: my first dissatisfied client is a member of my family.
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my first dissatisfied client is a member of my family.
Posted: Thursday, June 05, 2008 3:38:27 AM
so my future-sister-in-law approached me the other day and asked me if i would cut her hair for her. now i should mention that i am a student about halfway through school. naturally, i said yes because i need the practice. well this girl tends to be really undecisive and wasn't being extremely clear on what she wanted. i decided to go ahead with what i thought would be really cute (and was so I thought) on her and tried to give her something she would like. she did not. and outright told me she didn't like it. now i have to be around her everyday and have her telling me and others in front of me how she hates it. it really hurts my feelings everytime she says something about it. and what's more is she expects me to cut it again to try to fix it to how she will like it. i'm not sure if i should say no or what to do about the whole situation. :(

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Posted: Thursday, June 05, 2008 9:47:20 AM

No more hair for her!


It's ok if she didn't like it. It happens all the time that people get haircuts they don't like! It's even ok that she told you that she dosen't like it. But to run her mouth about it in front of others is a case of her being an insenstitive drama queen. It's really unfair of her to put you in that position and to put you down in front of others. People who get like this will always be like this. You don't need it.

Tell her that you are sorry that she didn't like her hair, but that your feelings were hurt by her and you will not be doing her hair anymore. If she is out there complaining about her hair in front of you and hurting your feelings, there is no need for you to worry about hurting her feelings.

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Posted: Thursday, June 05, 2008 11:29:35 PM
thanks! that makes me feel alot better, i was starting to feel like i was crazy for getting hurt.