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Introduce Yourself Please
Welcome to the BTC talk back boards!  We hope you will find it a great learning enviroment and have some fun too!  Take a moment to let everyone get to know you and welcome you! Sarah Klatt BTC Talk Back Boards Moderator
1890 4702 5/22/2016
10:36:17 AM

By Nene2016
A day in the life of....
Some days you just want to visit a place to vent about your day.  Your day could be fantastic with a true motivational story or it can be the day from H*LL!!  Use this board to bend an ear for someone that understands...someone that has walked in your shoes! Sarah BTC Talk Back Boards Moderator
545 2644 3/18/2016
8:08:44 PM

By ll7223
I Am So Proud Of..............
In the salon world, we all hit milestones whether they are big or small.  And while, some of are fortunate enough that there is a kind soul that does pat us on the back, sometimes others are not recognized.  Well, at BTC we want you to have the support of your community to share your "I did it!" experiences!  Share your accomplishment or ah-ha experiences here!  Cindy Farr Hester  Asst.  Moderator  www.behindthechair.com
87 299 10/13/2015
8:57:43 PM

By xstina400
Should I enter this wonderful field?
If you are looking to join the beauty industry in the various avenues available, join the discussion here.    
210 795 1/7/2016
12:10:51 PM

By williamkkern@gmail.com
BTC Rules are Posted/ Comments for Moderators
Dear members, Please take a moment to read the rules for the Talk Back Message Boards.  These rules were established to make your on-line posting experience as pleasing as possible.  Simply look above where you are logged in and you will see Home, Search, Login, Profile and the Rules and click on that.  This is also a place for you to issue any suggestions or comments for the moderators or BTC staff.  As noted in the rules, please do so in a constructive manner and refrain from bringing up banning.  If a banning was to occur, that is between the person banned and a moderator.  It is not up for public discussion.  We will do our best to listen, and with your help continue to improve the Talk Back Boards!  Thank you so much!   Sarah (Talk Back Board Moderator)
13 111 1/7/2016
3:27:44 PM

By free_spark
Salon Diaries
Anything that happens in the salon...Post it here!
140 664 2/9/2016
11:15:43 PM

By latenighthairjunkie
Ways your Salon Give Back Article
If you are interested in participating in an article that will be written by Anna at BTC about ways you give back to your community or your favorite charitable organization, please read next post.  Thanks! Cindy Farr Hester  Asst Moderator
17 37 1/13/2016
5:46:54 PM

By MichelleColeMasterStylist
Salon Benefits
Please use this topic to discuss benefits such as health insurance, paid vacations, 401K, and bonuses.  Does your salon offer benefits?  Do you work commission or salary?  What do you think of your benefits package?  Are you utilizing these benefits even though they may appear costly to you?  What would you like to see change in salon benefits? Are you self-employeed?  If you do not have a spouse that is receiving health insurance and 401K - what are you doing to protect yourself?  Are you planning for your future?  Is aquiring private health insurance easy for you and your family? Please discuss the issues related to our industry in regards to benefits under this topic. No bashing certain companies please.  This is a I want to learn topic, to see what is the industry norm at this point.  Thank you so much. Cindy Farr Hester  Asst Moderator
97 452 11/19/2015
4:43:37 PM

By Stylist29
Fashion and Celebrities
A spot to talk about the latest in celebrity hair, trends and fashion. What do you love or hate on the red carpet? Talk about the recent trends on the Fashion Week runway. Share with each other your how-tos and styling tips to achieve the hottest celeb looks.
26 50 2/19/2015
4:24:21 AM

By deschanell
Disability Insurance Inquiries with Gina Bello
What would you do if your paycheck stopped coming?  What’s your backup plan if you couldn’t come to work due to a sickness, injury or even pregnancy complications? How do you plan on paying your bills? Do you have enough set aside to cover the additional expenses caused by a disability, maintain your lifestyle and cover everyday living expenses?  Learn how affordable disability insurance can be your financial solution to life’s unexpected emergencies with Gina Bello from Salon & Spa Employee Benefit Solutions.  Post your questions for Gina now!
4 6 6/23/2010
5:01:21 PM

By pixanne
Industry News
Find out what's the latest talk around the beauty industry.
196 1399 7/23/2015
8:43:05 AM

By cookbeauty2015
Products and Retailing
A board for discussions on products, where they are sold, should be sold, and should not be sold.
356 2554 5/9/2016
5:34:08 AM

By jordyne409
New Products
What new product has piqued your interest?
257 1316 4/18/2016
3:55:55 PM

By jacquelinetunsta
Department Store and Salon Distribution
Discuss issues in distribution and where to find your products.
54 627 2/9/2014
2:53:48 PM

By staciembby
A board for colorists to discuss formulas, shade selection, what works, what doesn't, and much much more.
2693 14071 5/8/2016
10:22:16 AM

By cmstylist
Discussions on issues relating to haircare: everything from the latest techniques to the best products.
208 1082 10/5/2015
9:04:21 PM

By Hair apps
Cut and Style
A board for stylists of all levels to exchange information and discuss the latest techniques.
371 2910 11/23/2015
2:11:06 AM

By SimonLiu
Get information and advice on perms, staighteners, techniques, products, and more.
273 1469 1/12/2016
8:50:48 PM

By AHreha
A board for nail professionals looking for information, advice, and what's new in the world of nails.
121 498 9/14/2015
6:47:09 PM

By Clean Air
Skin and Spa
A board for estheticians to interact and get advice.
166 805 5/6/2016
2:59:16 AM

By jaismith1
Salon / Spa Owner's Forum
A board for owner to get together and discuss everything from current issues to new ideas.
874 4285 5/17/2016
3:04:44 PM

By Steve77
Booth Rental
A board for booth renters and salon owners seeking information and advice about booth rental and independent contracting in the salon and spa environment.
612 4095 5/21/2016
10:20:30 AM

By gd
Management Issues
Discussions for profesionals seeking advice and information with the day to day issues in managing a salon or spa.
538 5919 5/3/2016
12:21:16 AM

By channie
For Students Only
Interact with individuals just like you, who are starting, attending, or graduating school.
472 3028 5/3/2016
12:28:46 AM

By channie
Instructor's Corner
A board for instructors and educators to swap ideas, get advice, and discuss education related issues.
72 210 2/28/2016
10:24:31 AM

By rockstarbaby85
What new information would you like to see on behindthechair.com?
A board for questions, comments, requests and suggestions about the BTC Site.
89 568 1/22/2016
3:03:28 PM

By Borah
Idea Exchange
Get information, advice, ideas, and more on many topics in the beauty industry.
780 4315 5/3/2016
12:35:20 AM

By channie