• Speeds Up Your Blow-Drying Time
  • Creates Longer Lasting Blow-Dries
  • Clips onto Any Straight-Edged Hairdryer Nozzle
  • Set any Style: Straight, Wavy, Curly
  • Available in: Pink, Black, Silver & Turquoise
THE POWER STYLER allows you to blow-dry and straighten (or style) hair simultaneously, saving you precious time during appointments. Simple to attach, the durable POWER STYLER's two, ceramic-coated plates clip onto almost any straight-edged hairdryer nozzle, smoothing down the air cuticle-leaving hair looking healthy and shiny. THE POWER STYLER comes in a range of 5 vibrant colors, and is also a retail home run of your client to take one home for herself!
  • features reinforced board bristle that is gentle on hair and evenly distributes natural oils
  • creates more tension and condenses the hair cuticle for highly-polished results
  • extremely lightweight with a specially made handle that guarantees control
  • perfect for creating voluminous, sleek styles with increased shine and a frizz-free finish
  • ideal for all hair types, especially coarse or dry hair