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Product Club Beyond Basic Foil DVD Vol. 4

Product Club Beyond Basic Foiling DVD Volume 4

Cutler Salon’s Rachel Bodt demonstrates creative twists on traditional wrapping patterns to help you elevate your color business to a new level and introduce color to color-shy clients. You’ll learn two modern coloring techniques: Spot Lighting and Color Streaming.  Rachel guides you through each out-of-the-box technique seamlessly. Spot Lighting creates strong, asymmetric ribbons of color with a diffused placement of highlights that creates beautiful pockets of dark and light. This technique is easily tailored to meet each client’s expectations of how much color they want to see. Color Streaming creates an effect in which the color illuminates from the inside out. This technique is a great way to accent a haircut and give it extra sparkle!

DVD (30 min): Total 2 Techniques

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